Let Us Answer Your Inspired Living Questions

How do I use my perfume body roll on?

The traditional perfume ‘warming points’ application on the body is to begin on the inside of the wrist. Roll on your favourite Healing Muse Goddess Perfume roll on and then gently rub the inside of your wrists together. Then, touch behind each ear and slide your aroma infused wrist along the side of the neck down to your collar bone. In the warmer months, add a little roll onto the back of the knee also. And for that super surprising ‘je ne sais quoi’ roll a bit onto the back of the neck along the spine. As your back warms up throughout the day, you will enjoy the aromatic beauty of the heating rich oils. 

What’s the most effective way to use aromatic roll ons?

Roll On Essential Oil blends are an excellent way to easily apply properly diluted essential oils to the skin. The best areas to apply roll ons for quick absorption and best effects are on the temples, behind the ears, on the wrists, and bottoms of the feet. These areas have pressure points (behind ears: mastoid pressure point), large pores (bottoms of feet), and arteries close to the surface of the skin (temples: temporal artery, wrists: radial artery), making absorption into the bloodstream fast and effective. 

You can also apply directly to problemmed areas for treatment of insect bites, rashes, blemishes, bruises, etc. Applying to larger problem areas like the abdomen can help relieve stomach issues like indigestion, bloating, or nausea. 

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How do the aromatherapy essential oil beeswax candles work?

These candles are infused only with pure essential oils. The aromatic signature emanates from the candles naturally, but even more so as the centre flame heats the wax and the essential oil molecules in the wax. If you are really serious about ‘do it yourself’, a true mother earth die hard homesteader – check out our quick guide on how to make your own citronella candle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4p_C9DDeKQ

How do I use essential oils in my diffuser?

Best practice is to start with fewer drops, less is more! For example, a 100mL water container in a diffuser does well with about 8-10 drops total of essential oils. You can always add the oils to refresh the room aroma 3-4 hours later, when you need to top up the water.  We also recommend to use more drops of citrus oils since they break down fairly quickly (within a few hours and the aroma is faint) but use fewer drops when adding in rich oils like pine, cinnamon, clove, spruce, since they linger and last a long time in the space. 

A quick how to guide show and tell is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMAhIpe2AJI

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What does using essential oils do for the hair? And How do I use them?

Adding essential oils to your hair care routine is easy.

When you add 5-8 drops of essential oils into your favourite hair spritzer (whether it is water, a hydrating mist, or home brewed tea/floral water) it becomes a natural hair conditioner and aromatic hair perfume. Plan on adding 8-10 drops into a small 200mL spray bottle of your favourite hair spritzer blend.

When you spray some of the spritzer onto your scalp and massage it in, it invigorates your scalp, supports better circulation and grows stronger hair.

Our Best Combo: Lavender, 5 drops, Rosemary 3 drops, Lemon 2 drops

summer essential oils combo for your hair care

How do you source your essential oils?

We research what chemical constituents need to be present in each essential oil and make sure the minimum composition standards are present in the oil, from a variety of farms and suppliers, which changes from year to year. When the minimum chemical groups or component is not present in the oil in question, it simply cannot have the expected, desired effect on physiology, mind or spirit. Learn even more about essential oils to add to your collection. Watch our beginner’s blending basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unJjj0bouH8&t=267s

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How do you use your shower steamers?

You place one on the shower floor or bathtub floor at the beginning of your shower and the hot water allows it to fill the shower with the wonderful aromas of the essential oils.

What is the best face wash for stressed and aging skin?

The simplest, most beautiful way to wash is to use gentle Olive Oil Castile soap – unscented. Follow this with our Lavender Makeup remover – dab on with a wet soft Makeup Remover Pad, or a cotton pad to give your face a light cleanse and leaving it moisturized. Remember to moisturize heavily at night because that is when the skin is thoroughly repaired and conditioned – while we sleep. For added cleansing 1-2x per week, it is wonderful to use the Gentle Tangerine Face Scrub to remove dead skin.

Can I soften my shea butter? What is the recommended method to do so?

The shea butter is very rich. If you need it to soften leave it by a warm stove or near sunny window but avoid direct sunlight. It is good to take a small amount and put into a daily use container and keep the rest cool and dry.

How do I store my natural skin care products?

Some key points to remember for storing your natural skin care products to ensure they are  kept fresh the longest are:

  • Reduce temperature fluctuations
  • Keep volatile oils in the fridge
  • Avoid humidity

What is the best way to use my Peppy Peppermint Foot Cream?

I recommend at least 2-3x a week you massage it on your feet and put warm socks on to let the skin warm up and absorb the oils better. It’s also very good for dried elbows, knuckles, cuticles and once a month use a tiny bit to condition your hair ends before washing as usual.

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How do you use your Bug OFF Spray?

The bug off is a spray created with the aromatic ingredients of essential oils in pure hydrosols designed to soothe the skin and protect it from mosquitoes. Simply spray it on and enjoy 2 to 3 hours of bug free time. Reapply often in extremely hot weather, especially when sweating.

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Also available in lotion form. 

Does the Bug OFF spray leave a stain on clothing?

All of the ingredients in the Bug OFF are clear and the liquid does not have any colour. The spray does not stain clothing however I would always apply care and avoid using it on white sleeve edges or collars.  For any areas on the body like the neck, head, arms, wrists and ankles it’s best to spray the bug off on the skin directly and allow it to absorb for a couple minutes before getting dressed, or rolling down the sleeves. Also, when spraying aromatics or using Aromatics in combination with sweating and or previous oils or moisturizer used on the skin it could cause staining in clothing that is touching your skin.

Can the Bug OFF spray be used on pets?

Yes. It is safe for pet use but as with any plant, herbal, Aromatic product avoid around the eyes, nose, especially for dogs and cats around the nose.

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What age group is the Bug OFF for?

The bug off is designed to be gentle enough to use our young children, however, babies under age of 1 year are best to avoid all aromatics. Aromatics and essential oils are not to be used on Babies 6 months and younger. 

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Do you offer your products for wholesale without a label?

Yes I can prepare them without labels. All the listed  products have the aromatic ingredients listed on the website. And I can include a label for your reference if you wish. 

I have essential oils and I'd like to make a room spray, I understand I need hydrosols... what are hydrosols? do you sell them? Do you have a recipe I can follow to make a room spray?

Yes, we have many reference books in the shop for blending recipes, and a line of beautiful hydrosols from reputable sources (meaning life long researchers and aromatherapists).
Here are two quick recipes that are great to start with. Then, I recommend you follow your nose and blend with your favourites! I recommend adding a spritz of witch hazel or alcohol (1-2 tablespoons) to improve blending between hydrosol and essential oils. 
Calming Woods
Sleep Well
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