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Welcome to a brand new month... September is here! Fall is just around the corner, kids are going to school, and the rest of us are winding down after an action packed summer.

Each month we create a theme for that month. A theme to focus on, work on, and explore. This month, our theme is Back to School! Now.. even if you aren't in school this year, you can still take this time to learn and expand your mind. We are inviting you all to become students with us this month.

Let's come together and learn to live a full and inspired life!

Week 1

During the first week of September we will be learning the ABC's of Inspired Healing and Natural Wellness. 

The ABCs of Inspired Healing and Natural Wellness are:


Awareness: Practice shifting or increasing your awareness for 10 minutes every day this month. Sit on a park bench, take a break, go to a new cafe, sit down for 10 minutes and completely, fully scan the space. Take in everything that's there. Practice your awareness inside and out. How are you sitting? How are you feeling? What do you hear? What do you see? 

Breath Work: Practicing breath work does not require a class, although yoga and meditation classes can be extremely useful for starting out. Practicing breath work can be done at home by connecting and focusing on the breath, going into your body and allowing it to release completely. Try this for 5-10 minutes every day this month. 

Consistency: If you take time to practice awareness and breath work every day this month you will if you notice profound differences in your state of mind, learning abilities, and overall wellbeing. 

Feel free to add more habits to your wellness program this month. You can journal, practice gratitude, walk outdoors, pick up a new skill. Whatever you choose, we encourage you to practice it every day for 30 days. 

With these ABC's INTENTION is key... set your intention, your goal, create a mantra... do it with purpose. You can set your intention by visualizing it in your mind’s Eye, writing it on paper, discussing it with a best friend, or maybe a trusted business partner.


What is your intention for defining and creating a wellness program? 

What is the purpose of having it in your life?


Note: we'll be going LIVE every Wednesday on Instagram Live at 1:00PM EST to discuss our week's theme in detail. Tune in live or find it on our instagram feed to watch later. 


Watch Week One Live Video Here 



Did you know that using essential oils for studying, improving concentration, waking up and feeling refreshing or energized in the afternoon is extremely effective? Studies have shown that inhaling the aroma of Rosemary, Lemon, or Basil can greatly improve our ability to memorize, learn new ideas and concepts, and helps us be more mentally alert.

Diffusing sharp, green or citrus notes can help tremendously in keeping us focused and concentrated during the day. 

aromatherapy for concentrationTry our Concentration and Study Aid Aromatherapy Inhaler today to refresh your mind and get over those afternoon sluggish hours. 

Made with essential oils that that are known to increase concentration & focus, improve memory, keep you alert, and reduce stress.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Keep this pocket size inhaler with you for busy work days or long nights studying. 



Week 2

Learning Reading & Writing Skills

Write it Down and Break it Up into Digestible Steps

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut not because our plan is bad or poorly constructed but because we didn’t go into small enough details or steps.

Writing down your goals and ideas for this month or for the next three months allows you to see exactly what you would like to accomplish. If you have done this in the past and you have failed it’s time to go deeper and break it down into smaller and smaller bits. Write down what you can do each week. Write down what you can do each day. You can even write down what’s best to do in the morning or afternoon or evening to keep you going on the right path to reach this goal.

Not sure what to write down? That is your first learning clue right there. That means you need to learn more about creating a better plan and looking at all the details that need to go into your plan. Reading and writing is essential in attaining success, Harmony, growth, balance in your natural wellness.

Pro tip: Add Essential Oil Inhalers into your routine for a pleasant, joyful, "something to look forward to" step in change.


Watch Week Two Live Video Here 



Week 3

Be Honest... The Struggle is Real

When we are learning anything new or trying to change old habits - we know the struggle is real. 

Some days the success comes from allowing yourself to explore an activity, a topic, a book, or outing that is completely unrelated to what you are learning!

You may have a master plan, a well designed and outlined organizational chart and some days just won't align with that. 

Give yourself two or three days in a month where you clove "sideways", days you allow yourself to do something else entirely.

Watch Week Three Live Video Here 



Week 4

Coaches Corner

Do you need a helping hand? Find help, accept help, use help.

Sometimes we have to do the work alone. But, let’s be honest that’s rare For most natural wellness adjustments in our life. A lot of times we can use help, whether it’s through a friend, a health centre or a community space. For most struggles in planning and change, we can find help online or in our community. Take out a book from a local library or copy a planning chart/program from someone who’s been there and done that.

Watch Week Four Live Video Here 



Week 5

The Finals

When we plan, we often fail to have clear definite short term, intermediate and long term goals. It is important to have descriptive goals and measurable goals. 

Ask yourself... What have I learned? How do I feel?

Where are you on the measurable scales? Did you walk all your steps this month? Did you practice 3 new skill sets?

What were the top helping aides? What were the top 3 interferences?

How can you improve on this plan for next month?

At the beginning of this month we created a simple step program looked at the intentions of what we’d like to do. At the end of this month, as in every end cycle, we need to reevaluate and look at our progress and have an honest review of what worked and what didn’t.

This is what really allows us to expand, grow, create effective change, and feel great about who we are are.

Go team Go!

Spirit Insiders for Team Natural Wellness Wanted!

Watch Week Five Live Video Here 

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