Catch a Feeling, Not a Cold this February

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Article written for the South Etobicoke News


This February we are feeling cozy, loved, comforted, expressive, rested and feeling nourished. Not only is the Chinese New Year on February 1st, but the Eastern world celebrations of the Year of the Tiger continue on, well into mid-February, and culminate with the Lantern Festival on February 15th. That weekend, we are invited to celebrate love on February 14th, as the western world's official Valentine's Day. That is not the feeling I'm talking about.

Though this season is still cold and we are in mid-winter, you’re probably getting itchy feet and itchy fingers like me. Well, more like an itchy green thumb, in my case. I’m sure you want to start a garden or get on with new projects, now that the cold has been dragging on for a while. That is the feeling I am talking about. That feeling of ideas taking root and growing. Notice this feeling, enjoy it and begin to explore it. Feel the natural urge to begin growing this year.

This month: I urge you to catch a feeling, instead of a cold.

How do we do this?

Stay warm and stay connected!


We do this by allowing ourselves to pay attention and notice the feeling first and foremost. The itch to begin a project is there: A natural emergence from hibernation. Look for it and catch that feeling, in your hands. How do you catch this feeling? You may think, in this month of 'love', with Valentine’s Day, with all the romantic notions our society has lavished onto February, I mean feeling in love. Let us move beyond romantic love and the superficial ways of showing and experiencing feelings through chocolate, wine, wining and dining. Don’t get me wrong. Wining and dining is delicious, tasty and wonderful. Of course, it is. But, imagine that you allow yourself to get in touch with some exquisite feelings of feeling comfortable with your favourite fuzzy blanket and catching 'feeling in love with life' feelings that way. Or imagine yourself the luxury of viewing a series of documentaries on Blue Zone living. How does that allow you to feel? Are your senses heightened?

Let us delve further into feeling. A deeper appreciation of how our body feels, with our mind translating our every sensation, can begin like this. Humour me in this following exercise: Your Sense of Touch - A touch of comfort and wisdom. An exercise.First, sit comfortably.Then, take your hands and slowly match up each finger and the thumb of one hand with the other. One at a time. Do this in front of you, watching your hands as you slowly complete this and feel each finger pad from the left hand, gently pressing against the right hand. Close your eyes. Press gently and expand the fingers, move them closer together and stretch them apart. What do you notice? How do your hands feel? Cold, clammy? Warm? Hot? Dry? Do you need to moisturize more? Yes, you do. Admit it. Has the winter cold dried out your hands? I invite you to welcome this information into your world. Now, take each hand and feel the fabric of your pants, blanket or sofa. Feel the surface slowly. What do you notice?Now, take your hands and cup each side of your face. Now: close your eyes. What do you feel? Feel your jawline. Feel the softness of your skin. Notice the temperature of your ears. Can you feel the fatigue in your eyes through your fingers?

You are intelligent beyond your mind. You are wise beyond all understanding. Starting with feeling life through your hands, I encourage you to learn, or more accurately: remember, who you are and what you love, through the feeling, the feeling of touch. Our sense of touch is so rich in information and so necessary for survival, that it is the first sense to develop in utero. Did you know that touch has been shown to 'convey compassion from one human to another? And, it helps us make decisions (Source:

Catch a feeling. Go ahead. Feel nourished. Wrap yourself up in a warm blanket. Feel the soothing comfort of your cool hands on your neck or shoulders. Feel the hug of a loved one. Feel your rich life unfolding beneath your sense of touch. How does that feel?

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