Do you see your truth? Do you see your true nature?

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June - Right to see the Beauty of who you are 

This month of June, I dedicate to practising with our right to see our truth. It is a deeply rich focus on our sixth chakra. And it’s part of our long term ongoing body Zen awareness workshop series.


“Obstacles don’t block the path. They are the path”
Zen Proverb



your energy is continually shifting are you paying attention

Do you ever find you get confused and life is way too complicated with all the different programs and series and workshops to be a part of?

where do we even begin? Do you see the next step that you need to take in your life?

Begin Here

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed, like me, even though it’s a beautiful warm sunny and inviting  Time of year out there, try the following three easy steps.

1. Choose a body part — how about the left foot? Or the right ear? Your neck? Any part will do.

2. Ask yourself: how relaxed is this body part on a scale of 1 to 10?  If the is any or discomfort, ask yourself how much pain there is on a scale of one to 10. nite the answer and write it down  if you’re not sure about any feedback from your body at all write down the number 5 for how relaxed it is on a scale of 1 to 10.


I always teach you that your body is talking and then I ask you if you’re even listening? So now we are learning to listen.

3. this is the fun part. We are often way too linear in the way we think about life and ourselves in our bodies. But in reality, nothing is actually linear. For this step, ask that body part where it would be if it was a song. Ask that body part what it would be if it was a color. Go through all of the senses. Ask your body part what it would be if it was a food, a flavor, or a sense of taste a combination of flavors.

take 5 to thrive healing muse cue card for body awareness

take 5

Take a few minutes break, go get a drink or text a friend or go for a walk.

go back to this exercise and repeat steps 1 to 3. What you will notice, I guarantee, is that your body part is way louder and we clearer than you ever thought possible.

Do this just for fun.

This is an interactive, immersive, joyful way of learning how to perceive and listen to your body. Tell me what you notice. Send me a line or comment or DM — I look forward to hearing from you.





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Find this kind of learning enjoyable? Effective?

Join me in a class online or at one of the studios coming up.

June 21 at Mukti Studio — Body Zen Awareness & Wisdom workshop 7pm


“Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering.” 
– Dalai Lama

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