Gift of Touch this Holiday Season

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The Gift of Touch this Season

sharing the gift of touch offers a light into ones life
This December work miracles:
give the gift of touch.
I write that tongue in cheek, but the gift of touch is a marvel to the senses.
  • A gentle embrace of the shoulders of a loved one anxiously awaiting test results is a miracle of sorts.
  • A dad scooping up his child, after a fall from his bicycle, is a wondrous miracle indeed. The young child shifts from crying to laughing almost instantly.

For you: your friend offering a reassuring squeeze of your hand may be exactly the little miracle of understanding you need.

How do they know you are worrying about life?

a hug for your loved ones goes a long way, a gift of touch cannot be beat

For me: a hug from my daughter, when she's just returned from university is a joyous miracle of comfort. (there’s nothing better!)

It is quickly followed by frenzied sharing of news and laughter. For many, a first kiss surely felt like a miracle, no? These little gifts offer us so much.

Touch is healing, soothing, and comforting and transcends ALL languages.

I can't think of a better gift to offer this holiday season than a welcome hug or warm embrace. As grocery prices rise with all our other expenses, it may be the right time to add that personal touch to our gift-giving. This season, I will take time to write up a coupon for a foot rub or hand massage for my loved ones.

Don't have that much confidence in your therapeutic skills?

			**Not to worry.*

There are many other supportive forms of touch to share.

teach a loved one how to cook to share your touch and wisdom

Touch can be a most precious gift without a doubt. Consider how valuable a touch is to a baby learning about the world for the first time. Did you know that our sense of touch is the first sense to develop in the womb? It is guiding the fetus in the first month after conception. Clearly, it is the most important of our five physical senses, for survival. However, if you ask anyone on the street what sense they value the most, I bet the overwhelming response would be their sense of sight. Can you imagine a world where you could feel nothing?

Oh wait, we had a peek inside that world during Covid lockdowns. When touch was restricted, so many of us learned firsthand how much value, beauty and love it added to our lives.
Touch is so common. Yet, it is invaluable.
Thankfully, we have learned just how precious it is. Celebrate it along with the holidays. Here's how you can celebrate the miracle of touch this season. Make a gift that keeps on giving. You can create a different type of advent calendar, or a 'festivities countdown calendar' that counts down to your favourite celebration this season. Instead of chocolates in gift boxes, you place a name with  'give a hug to' or 'hand to hold’ into each box.

lighting candles with prayers and thoughts for the holidays

You can do this by lighting candles and doing daily prayers.

On small pieces of paper, write out the names of all the loved ones you can see this month. Under each name, write down what each person loves the most. I know my daughter is delighted each time I offer to brush her hair. Roll up the papers into scrolls and bind them with your favourite ribbon or reused twine (if you are a gardener like me). Randomly, place these into your advent calendar, your prayer bowl or beside each candle you light to celebrate.

Consider the many forms of touch as you write out your ideas. There's reassuring touch, where we may rub a friend's back instead of thinking of what words to say. There's the gentle touch of the hand, that signals 'I'm listening. There's the therapeutic touch for a child's headache or a finger cut. And, even a teaching touch is a great gift. We seldom learn skills without a coach's guiding us through a golf swing or grandma's wrist helping us whisk eggs into a mixing bowl. If you're not feeling the creative vibe, not a problem.

The universal 'go-to gift' is the hug.

It is chemically magical. Did you know that a 20-second hug releases oxytocin in your brain? Such a reaction helps us build trust and deepens our relationships. Not to mention, that a hug is like a candle: when shared, it mak
es both people stronger.
That is a miracle indeed and one worth sharing!

Because when I said I wanted to touch the moon you took my hand, held me close, and taught me how to fly. — Tahereh Mafi

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