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Grandness of August - A lesson on Abundance & Seeing

'he couldn't see the forest for the trees'

I’m in awe and I’m enjoying being in awe. I hope that you are too. Why? Because it’s August. There is no greater beauty and lushness to behold than in the grandeur of August, especially in a green thumb's back yard. From the smallest drop of dew on a grass leaf to the tallest mountain in the world (Everest anyone?), we have thousands of moments of beauty to behold. By the way, did you know that the Himalayan mountains are still growing? Nature, by its very nature is growing all around us - even in rock form! But back to our natural health news on the beauty of August.
let us zoom in on the beauty in our life and zoom out to take it all in
Do you know the saying: he couldn't see the forest for the trees?
This is how I feel about August and the energy that is all around us. To truly experience and enjoy this splendour, the artistry, the grandness of mother nature in our own lives we need to focus but then step back. The motto for this month is: focus and pull back. You are the cameraman of your life. You choose what to see. You choose what to include in your perception of this world.
I recommend you try focussing on a scene before you. That's the big close up. Then zoom out and pan.
This means you see the entire landscape before you and take time to take it all in from one side to the other. It’s a healthy way to change perspectives. Often times we are so stuck on one problem or another. Zoomed in! Or we may be so overwhelmed because we haven’t had time or we haven’t chosen to step back and look at how everything is connected and interrelated. Focus is imperative to get things done. But zooming OUT in life is equally essential and helpful when you're stuck and the answers are not coming.

Time for big picture thinking.

As the hot, hazy light of August, casts its golden glow on our overgrown blooms, let us step back and take in all of life. This is a wonderful exercise to practice. A lesson of the season.  Everywhere you look there is a majestic site to behold from spilling over color in city planters and our community parks, flocks of birds floating on the lake, to plenty for foods and harvest in summer gardens.
coltsfoot flower and small garden bee having lunchaugust berries ultimate health smoothie recipe from the Healing Musesummer linden blossoms with the healing muse
The beauty of life truly is in the eye (or more accurately the FOCUS) of the beholder. If you’re stuck on looking at a singular fruit on the vine, if you’re stuck on that tomato of your life, you can easily forget to 'see' that the garden (of your life) is already full with many other rich flavours, spices and goodness.
It happens to all of us.

The lesson from nature is to remember that everything is a cycle.

And, in the stage of full, mature growth, there is always abundance somewhere. There are times when we have planted seeds and we’ve just begun growing a family or a new business. And then there are other times where we are seeing the fruits of our labour mature. Are you seeing the generosity of the earth this month? Are you feeling the gratefulness of this time?
Are you in awe, like me?
Shifting focus, changing your perspective in life is easy when you go outside and just look. Nature helps us this way. All you have to do is reach out take a walk. Kindness, softness, strength, love, generosity, compassion, joy and so much more will bloom in the garden of your life. Your fun assignment for this month:
Each day, make a point of noticing 5 beautiful things or scenes. Take them in with a deep, generous inhalation and know that they are adding their beauty into every cell in your body. How is that for perspective?
“Never solve a problem from its original perspective.”
– Charles Thompson
“Winners have the ability to step back from the canvas of their lives like an artist gaining perspective. They make their lives a work of art / an individual masterpiece.”
– Denis Waitley

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