Herbal Ice Cubes - Sangria with a Twist

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Have you tried making herbal ice cubes at home yet?

There are many different edible flowers and herbs you can add to your ice cube tray to give your drink a fun twist!⠀⠀

Wild Roses & Daisies look beautiful in a glass of iced tea – cubes!

You can also add mint, basil, rosemary, or any of your favourite garden herbs!


herbal ice cubes


 As the ice thaws, it will slowly change the flavour profile of your drink, making every sip fun and exciting!

If you’re using your herbal ice cubes for fresh iced tea or sangria, add fresh brewed tea to your ice cube tray for less dilution once melted.

A list of our favourite edible wild flowers is:

Calendula & Echinacea

Day Lily & Wild Roses

Chamomile & Mint


What kind of Iced Tea do we use?

We recommend a fruit or berry tea for the best iced tea, like Ursa Major - an organic berry and herbal tisane made of elderberry and hibiscus, or Solar Fantasia - a peachy fruit and herbal tisane made of Ontario fruit pieces combined with hibiscus petals and rosehip.

Our favourite is the rich, golden hue of Blue Crane Tea. It's perfect for herbal blending. The Blue Cornflower has a rich herb flavour that will blend beautifully in your next Exotic Sangria!

Or, use the Atlantis Tea (with butterfly blue flowers) for an ethereal ‘Ice Blue’ Tea and Ice Cubes! 


The Best Iced Tea Recipe

herbal iced tea recipe
  1. Make a pot of hot tea with double the amount of tea you would normally use. This will make a very concentrated tea.
  2. Steep for the recommended time for your specific tea, add a few minutes for a more concentrated tea.
  3. Fill your glasses full of ice, pour your tea concentrate and top up with cold water.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your delicious iced tea.



What's this you say about Sangria?

If you want to take your home made iced tea to the next level - turn it into sangria!
You'll need:
1.5L home brewed iced tea
1 bottle of sweeter red wine
2 cups berry juice
1/2 cup brandy

Combine and chill for at least 30 minutes.
Fill glass with ice, strawberries (hulled and sliced), blackberries, raspberries, blueberries), sangria, and top with sparkling water for some fizz.


Don't forget your herbal ice cubes!


herbal ice tea sangria


Let us know how yours turns out! 


Do's and Don'ts of Harvesting


  • Pick calendula flowers when they are in full bloom. They keep growing more flowers all summer.

  • Pick dandelion young leaves in the spring and early summer, flowers in the summer and the dandelion root in the fall.

  • Pick oregano at the end of a hot sunny day.

  • Pick broccoli first thing in the morning.

  • Pick like a bee: sporadic, hovering only on select flowers…


  • Pick oregano after it rains – it has minimal ‘heat’ in the leaves. 

  • Wait too long for cucumbers to get very big – smaller is better tasting.

  • Pull eggplants off the stem – cut them cleanly, they have soft sensitive skins. 

  • Pick all the kale at once – it can keep growing (leave 6-7 leaves always). 

  • Pick an entire area at once.

  • Pick over ripe flowers, let them go to seed.








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