How to Grow Heart centred Harmony

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May the love be with you this month.

Here we are in full bloom you and I enjoying the warmth and colour and splendour of summer.
Feel the energy, the heat, the power of the sun rising and allow yourself to feel that right in your heart.

Real inspiration.



I mean feel that love in nature expanding also within you. we are gifted, we are blessed with so much beauty this month and this summer season ahead. Everywhere you look nature is smiling at us.
Every flower, every bloom, every bright leaf is unfolding before you to show you to choose a warm and kind loving feeling in your heart. in other words, choose joy.



Because Joy and Love are our number one step to  self-care and healing. Every time you breathe in joy and light you are actively choosing to heal from a whole variety of ailments such as anxiety, stress, tension, headaches to so many others. 

How does this happen?

Basically, this is our human design. We run on love and fuel in the form of nutrition. It’s no correct coincidence that our heart is nestled right in the middle of our long space. It’s no coincidence, that each time we inspire and empowering and life-sustaining breath of fresh air we have the ability to also inspire beauty and wonder and the joy of all that exists.
joy in your heart is like summer rising and looking up to the earth
This is the most superior way to function and live in every day. When we choose with our mind to connect our heart and our body, simply by following are design practice is with me this month. Use your mind, to choose, and that’s it is used wisely.
Use your conscious mind to inspire a breath full of life supporting and enhancing joy and wonder. When you combine your body work, with your mind choices, and invite your heart space to lead and guide you throughout the day, you choose to use all the tools at your disposal.

Your Mind, Heart and Body 

in Harmony. 

This is what we call living in harmony. When we live in harmony it doesn’t mean we illuminate all aches and pains. It doesn’t mean that stress disappears. When we live in harmony it means that we are using everything that we have in our personal toolbox of life to do the best we can and can also minimize effort and resources required outside of us. 
It means: start today.
It means we can start right now. How to do this best? Find yourself a park bench yet again. Yes I know. The instructions are repetitive month to month but that’s because they are effective and easily accessible to all of us.
Find yourself a comfortable place to sit outdoors where you have a beautiful view of a river flowing, gardens in bloom, a forest and woodland, or any other nature scene that helps you feel at peace and relaxed.
With each breath softly gaze upon a part of the scene before you. Inhale the natural growing beauty that unfolds. Explore every leaf, every shadow, every nuance, every movement in the landscaping for you.
This simple, effective, easily doable action is we can begin your healing process right now.
This completely natural activity allows you to restore harmony within your body, heart and mind.
Test out how this feels for you by doing it every day for seven days straight. It’s a good idea to look at and assess the stressors in your life before you begin. And then have a look and reassess again seven days of completion.
Tell me what you notice. I guarantee you will feel and notice your body and heart are more aligned and more at peace within.
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