July Heat does not have to be beat. Just count to three!

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Love the excess heat of summer?

Or is it too much for you?

With typically only three hot months in our Canadian summer, July is the hottest. We have designed the cycle of the year, the seasons into four sections each with three months. We do that a lot.

Humanity loves the number three.

It is a very powerful number.

In many stories of origin, we have Heaven, Earth and Mankind. There is above, below and you. We refer to our heart, body and mind. The number three is pervasive in all storytelling, cultures, ancestral, religious and spiritual beliefs. Let us remember and employ the number three. Did you know that Oak, ash, and thorn were called the faery triad of trees, in the Celtic tradition?
In design, the tripod is the most stable of all seats. There's even a three legged stool theory. And, of course, for planting, the North American three sisters are: bean, pumpkin and corn. But I digress!
July is usually the hottest month of the year, with the greatest growth and lushness all around us. But the flipside of this great excess is over abundance of energy. It makes me think of what we deal with in every day life: overwhelm and stress.
Sometimes, some days, there's just too much heat in the day, right? The power of three, the practicality of three and I would even argue the magic of three is invaluable to us at this time of year. Often in an overwhelming situation, coping with anxiety, high stress or panic we are advised to count to three and breathe. Better yet, another method is to count backwards since that throws off our ingrained brain patterns and invites novel thinking.
It’s a proven method for calming down. Let's use July, this abundant heat, the lushness of summer to remember how to modulate our feelings and thoughts. How about even a fun rhyme? The power of three is within me.
When we invoke this simple technique to stay present in the every day heat of our lives, we are tapping into our own pool of wisdom to dampen the heat (you see what I did there?). You create more room in your heart and mind, when you choose to count to three.

That's magic for sure.


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In case you are still not convinced to give three a chance, I remind you that all this comes from the great universe, God, Tao or ____(insert any word that represents all that is to you here).
Before one, there was nothing and everything .
Then there was one.
Then one begat two. But it wasn't until there were three (the baby, the child, the creation) that our life here became truly interesting. Wouldn't you say? Three represents creativity, change, movement, from the masculine and feminine flow of energy. That is yet another fascinating form of 'magic'. All that exists in its natural form is a type of magic.

Nature is the master creator.

Just watch a seed germinate, open up and sprout.
That is a front row seat to watching life transform and grow.
Plus remember:
In a disagreement, there is your way, my way and the right way!
When we choose to live by the power of three: we choose harmony. Choose to be like the three legged stool, we are stable, strong, able to move in any direction and centred.
"Stay in the center, and you will be ready to move in any direction." Alan Watts
life is the art of spiralling wisdom and vibrations in harmony

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