Lost and Found - Choosing a new direction this new year

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Lost and Found.

Are you lost?

Do you ever get lost? (or is that just me!)

choosing your direction this year, take your time, allow for planning

Have you been to the grocery store and wandered the isles trying to remember that one thing you really needed?

Maybe you’ve been really lost off the trail or in a new city.

I notice it is easy to get lost in my mind, if not out there in the world. I have felt lost many a times in life, not sure which way to move forward. There's no better time to reset, to choose a path (with some planning), than this new year.

Remember this quote:

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." – Abraham Lincoln

Give me the next two minutes (of your reading time) and then use the next few weeks to plan out your year. Thus, prepare to embrace this year fully AND mindfully. Embrace success and growth. Dedicate January, a naturally quiet, cold, dark month of the year, to finding your direction. Get re-oriented. Maybe you have been feeling lost in life. Maybe 2022 was too much of everything. If you’re like me, you see there are so many opportunities and so many places you want to see and experience. There is always so much to do. All these choices can be disorienting.

How do we settle down to head in a single direction?

Let’s use this fresh, crisp new year to orient ourselves in a good old-fashioned way: with a compass. Dig out your dusty old compass, out of the camping gear, and invite it into your everyday life. With the four directions reliably orienting you in this world, you can stand assured about one thing: where you are and what direction you are facing! You may laugh at the simplicity of this exercise, but it is very encouraging. There are not so many reliable markers out there.

a compass can help guide you on a new path this year

Practice being aware of your surroundings.
Take your compass everywhere you go for a few days.
Orienting yourself with the four directions is a basic practice and builds confidence. As you learn more about your surroundings and rekindle your forgotten summer camp sense of adventure, you are more prepared to choose your next steps, your direction in life wisely. Seeing ahead and moving forward this year, becomes more of an adventure and less of a daunting task. With a compass in your back pocket, you can be certain at least of the direction of each and every step.

Most days, that is more than enough to keep you going.

At the end of the day (today - or a metaphorical future time), we can question everything about our life and the direction in which we are moving. We naturally ponder why we are here and if we are on the right path.

walk this way finding your direction is as easy as opening up a compass

I ask myself: isn't every direction I choose valid and equally valuable?

Isn't every day my best day, regardless of the direction?

Every day I live, is dedicated to being all that I can be. Maybe that sounds like a slogan (an old army commercial slogan...) But, it is the truth. We face the world everyday and do our best out there. Through every smile or kind word, we are connected. Through our kind actions, we grow together. With every breath we expand and move to exactly where we need to be.


Whether you choose the compass exercise this month or another way to find your direction, please remember:

"No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place."- Zen Proverb

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