M in March is for Action - Third Chakra opened allows us to Act

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M is for Action.

(Monthly article written for the South Etobicoke News)

Yes, you read that right.
(Ok, March is for Action!)This March, let M stand for 'make things happen'. As the weather warms up and the days get longer, you’ll notice that the birds and the bees AND the squirrel activities are well underway.
birds of spring are here to feed
They are making things happen. It’s time for you to do the same. Let's make things happen!
Too often we wait for approval or an invite or a date on the calendar to tell us what to do. 'Oh, it's spring, March 20th, time to get ready to garden...' I say: sit down right now (well after you finish reading this column) and make a list of five things you’ve been putting off that you wish to make happen this year.
spring to do list make things happen

What? It’s not the new year you say?

Well it doesn’t matter does it? I say M is for action and making things happen because you decide what happens in your life. It's easy to forget in our days full of habits and repeating errands. But you are making choices all the time.
Daily, I know that you choose the clothes you wear and the food you eat. You choose how much you eat and you choose who you talk to. You choose what time you go to sleep and you choose what time you get up. But, Monika, I have to go to bed because of work, you say.


Yet, you know very well that you always have one to two or even more extra hours at the end of the day that you fill up with activities other than work. What are they? Are you studying? Are you watching your favourite show? Are you reading? Are you taking care of a family member? There is no right or wrong answer here. The point is you are choosing how much time each activity takes up in your life. Some people value having an hour-long family dinner. Others may prefer a quick bite and then a game of chess or bocce ball.

How about you?

Your day is full of making choices and when you are presented with the idea of planning something bigger and better in your life...I have a feeling that you all of a sudden decide that someone else has to make that decision for you. That someone else is in charge.

Which way now?

arrows of spring decisions how to decide on what to do
it’s hard, you say.
Yes, I agree with you.
It is hard.
Making choices, making things happen in our life is an important decision.
You are in control.
So, believe me when I say: you can decide to do something on your forgotten list this year. Start the new year off (I mean March) on the right foot. Make a list of those five things that you’ve been putting off and put the rough outline in your calendar and your to-do list. Take six to seven days to review it daily. Your mind loves a good puzzle. Your mind is exceptional at solving problems. Allow your mind to see this list as a new challenge.
Why? Well for starters, our confidence grows with every new task we accomplish. Our belief and our faith in ourselves also grow with every new skill and experience we have. When life gets tough, the more skills and experiences we have, the easier and faster we can recover. That's the ultimate sign of natural health. If you have a desire to grow bigger and better in your life, in your body, in your mind, choose now, choose this year to make some changes. You can do this by adding into your day one new task or lesson that you will accomplish. And get it done. Tell me what you have chosen.
Love in spring
What you will notice after a few days, maybe a couple of weeks is that you have grown tremendously.
And since spring is around the corner, you are right right 'on time' with the pace of mother nature. My wish for you is to bloom and expand. I wish for you to thoroughly enjoy your life. This is possible when we take on new skills, new life lessons, new tasks with an open mind, a willing heart and a bold first step forward AND grow this spring.
Nature takes away any faculty that is not used.
- William R. Inge
Monika Meulman, Founder & Owner
The Healing Muse
Written for the Natural Health, monthly column of South Etobicoke News  March 2022

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