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Article written for the Lakeshore Press, July 1st, 2021

Summer heat is upon us. The rising temperatures, cool refreshing lakes, barbeques and iced cold drinks brewing are all around us. I ask you to pause now and stop to see the beauty all around you. We tend to think that beauty is the grand mountain side or the glass lake reflecting a majestic forest. We clammer to get to some secluded hideaway that no one knows about to find a prized piece of land, our wonderful earth has created. 

But beauty is just about everywhere. It is right here. Look around. I am willing to bet, that as you take a moment you notice new ‘old’ things and places around you that you have forgotten in one way or another. 

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

Danny Kaye


Whether you delight in seeing your childrens’ smiling faces or your favorite, glorious bright red, potted geraniums blooming at their fullest in this summer heat, look around and take a deep breath AND allow yourself to feel visually nourished and comforted by the beauty that surrounds you. The smiles, the colour, the blooms, the flight of the birds, the wind in the trees, the rising smoke of the bbq are pleasing to the senses. They enhance our life. They strengthen our hearts and the love we feel, daily. 

In the summertime, we usually think of getaways and holidays and a lot of travel. I’m sure many of us are going on a camping trip or a hiking trip, or two. And, as there are more places accessible to us to travel, we get away to beautiful grottoes, waterfalls, seasides and mountainsides. This month, I want you to also seek out the beauty that surrounds you every day. Look at your wonderful partner or your family or a smiling friendly face from your next-door neighbor. Really look, taking a breath, taking a moment to visually digest the connection that grows between, each time.  Maybe, you recognize your greatest joy and beauty when you see your loving pet that is always happy to see you.

This month, let us focus  on seeing the beauty that surrounds us as we choose wonderful adventures near and far. No matter where you go, allow the experience of you being able to see even the tiniest treasures to fill your heart and help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and in love with life again. It takes so little time and space for you to find beauty in just about anywhere. Maybe there’s a duck family with ducklings floating by on the river. Maybe it’s your favourite ice cream shop down the street that does the most perfect triple decker ice cream scoop.

Maybe, just maybe, as you see your own reflection in the flowing river or a serene, calm lake you may see the beauty that is within you. I wish for you to see the the beauty that is you.

Let us venture out this month, explore and open our arms up to seeing the beauty absolutely everywhere we go. Allow the beauty that surrounds you to inspire you and fill your cup to the fullest.


“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

Tim Cahill


Share with us, let us know where you find beauty this month!

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