Spooky Night Market in Parkdale

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Join us at the Spooky Night Market in Parkdale on Queen street this Saturday.


Eat, drink, shop and be scary!
Parkdale Queen “Spooky” Night Market happening on October 29, 2022 | 2 PM-11 PM at 1668 Queen Street West, Toronto.

- Food, drinks, and live music at 1668 Queen Street West vacant lot


Spirited Evening with Prizes
(and we will be dressed for Ghost Success!)

We will be celebrating the Queen Street West Sidewalk festival with all our lit, stained glass Chili peppers from Reyan - Stained Glass Artist Extraordinaire.


tooth or chili by Reyan Stained Glass Artist

get your chilis here

Our incense will be guiding your spirited delight right up to the heavens and the thin veil between the worlds at this time of year!


  • candles and incense
  • incense accessories
  • aromatic blends 
  • $10 loot basket goodies
  • prizes


Did you know that long, long time ago, all of November was celebrated during Samhain? 

Did you know that some may consider Samhain the 'Witches' New Year?

All saints day. All Souls Day.

Hallowed Eve.
Day of the Dead.
Shamanic journeys.
They all have the burning of incense, candles and smoke as part of their connection to our ancestors and what lies beyond what we see. They are all rituals and celebrations dedicated to a place and time beyond mind and body.
Which day do you celebrate?

Thin Places - A Pilgrimage Home

One of the best books I have read about the cultural stories of thin places, thin veils between our world and the spirits beyond was written by Ann Armbrecht. 
She wrote about her journey through Nepal, for her graduate school thesis. 
Her discoveries, along with her hardships, in the villages of the mystic (my adjective) mountains felt real and timeless. I felt drawn in and wanted to see the experiences she was having. I imagined she could touch the spirits beyond, as she learned about each of the regions beliefs, prayers, practices and pilgrimages.
I highly recommend you add this to your Fall Harvest reading list. 
Thin Places, A Pilgrimage Home. Ann Armbrecht - Columbia University Press
thin places a pilgrimage home by Ann Armbrecht

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