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Abundance of the Everyday Life - A Burdocks Diary

Posted by Monika Meulman on

Abundance of the Everyday Life - A Burdocks Diary

Are they weeds or are they unsung heroes?

Gardeners dislike weeds because they spoil grass lawns, suck away nutrients from planted harvest gardens and take over fragrant and annual flower gardens.
Weeds excel in the environment we have offered them in abundance!
(see the point here: we create this opportunistic landscape for them!!!)
We give them space: they come in and take it. Complaining about weeds growing where we have created cracks in the sidewalk and empty open soil beds between our flowers is like tsk tsking when people pile on into an empty subway car during rush hour. It is the natural flow of resources. Have you heard the saying 'the universe abhors a vacuum'? We fail to recognize abundance when we see it.

Your challenge for the season follows below - read on!

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