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Upend your whole living experience and embrace your wisdom today. 
Exploring a new online community learning platform called: UpEnd!
Upend wisdom teaching school

You probably heard this before:
you need more self-care, self-love, and awareness in life.

It's trending on Instagram.

It's popular on TikTok and also subject to many parodies.

The millennial bandwagon is full of spiritual gurus, life coaches and multidisciplinary self-help experts. Undoubtedly, some are exceptional at guiding, leading, coaching and supporting you. Kudos to the teachers, wisdom keepers, and our support networks that help us on this human journey we call life!

How do you begin your own wellness journey then?

Where do you begin? With whom?

I say keep it simple to succeed. How???
Focus on nature.
Focus on one or two skills, at maximum, when learning.
Be honest and clear with yourself.

For example, answer the following:

Right now, I mean it, right now, what is the most important skill or goal for you?

Is it different if I say 'for the next week' or the 'next year'?


And, how is it different?

Sometimes even the above questions can stump us. We all need a helping hand. We all need someone to hold our hand sometime in our life. We all need a community. It is a basic human desire. We all need to connect.

What's stopping you?

'I don't even know where to begin Monika' - may be your very real, honest, exasperated answer. I get it. I have been there. 'Overwhelm' is real.
To help you, I have taken the time to explore a new online social enterprise called UpEnd! It offers: 
  • no pretense
  • no radical reformation
  • no guru speak
  • no self-proclaimed masters
upend new school of winning wisdoms
UpEnd! is the grounded, sound, wise online community you have probably been seeking.

It collected an "eclectic group of travelers" who are skilled "in the business of change".

Sound intriguing?

I thought so. Discover more in my interview with the founder, Dr. Elvir Causevic, on the beginnings of UpEnd! school.
HM - Healing Muse Questions
EC - Dr. Elvir Causevic - Founder 
HM - Why now? Why launch UpEnd! now, amongst so many other online communities?
EC - This has been a lifelong project. Many of the lessons in my life I learned by accident. At the core of these lessons, I learned the importance of trust, courage and honesty. This is the backbone of UpEnd! For the longest time, I felt trepidation, a fear of pretentiousness. It stopped me from launching this online community platform. But over time, I saw people together, learning and sharing and watched how that energy grew, how it generated a synergy.
I knew I had to share that experience online.
The worldwide acceptance of zoom during the pandemic accelerated the development of our platform. The UpEnd school idea is centred around whole living. I felt it was time. I could wait no more. It was time to share access to wisdom skills in a practical and grounded way.
While the need for connection and community grew, we also realized that vibration through this type of technology medium transfers across all platforms.
It was an A-ha moment.

HM - How does one begin on upend.com?
EC - When you sign up, you can join in on many levels, on the platform. For example, we have a support level where you are assigned an online teacher and a coach. You have six sessions to develop your own growth needs.
HM - Where do UpEnd! teachings come from?
EC - We have wisdom teachers contributing from North, Central and South America, and the Middle East.  Our talent pool is continually growing. My origins are from Yugoslavia and I now call California, USA home. We have gathered wisdoms from numerous cultural backgrounds. Their indigenous roots and main characteristics can be summarized as:
  • have fun with learning
  • dance/art/music
  • learn with easy play
All of these build wisdom skills

HM - How do I know if this platform is right for me?
EC - Our online sharing platform is designed to focus on balance, holding space and provide a gentle welcome to you. If that sounds right to you, you belong here.
You can explore building life skills, listen and learn about ways to embrace the whole self, share in new friendships and even join our happy hour.

HM - How can this connection and participating on UpEnd! help me?
EC - We promote and encourage insight, deep wisdom, cross-cultural learning and experiences. If that is something you seek, then it can support you. Practices for building life skills are built into the various group formats. You will gain insight into finding courage and what that looks like. You can practice reciprocity in a welcoming space. One of the most important skills is learning to receive. Here, you can discover what that looks and feels like to you.
You choose at what depth you wish to participate. You can learn on one or all three community layers:
  • buddy & peers community
  • small groups community
  • teacher 1-on-1 connection community

HM - What have you learned along this founding journey?
EC - We took a long time to research, with many groups, what works and what doesn't work. We discovered from our surveys that people know what they need but are hesitant to go after it. People are hesitant to keep changing.
In the play, in fun, we all resonate. That is where the learning begins.
you are the light the master the lightworker

Post Commentary

If you are searching for a gentle, straightforward entry point into wisdom teachings and finding a few friends along the way, UpEnd! is a great place to begin. It is fairly new, designed to be easily accessible and a welcoming space online. That combination is not that easy to find in most online communities.
Follow me on my journey through the UpEnd! full experience in 2023, as I test drive the teachings, the support network and life skill learning lessons with teachers one on one.
More posts, my journey videos and discoveries to come in the new year.

To connect to UpEnd! - begin here: https://upend.com/community/
To read more about the Wisdom teachings at UpEnd! - begin here:
Have you tried it yet? Tell me about your experience.
What other social-wisdom learning communities have you joined and explored?

Goddess Image courtesy: Kathleen Burke

celebrate your ancentral wisdom today

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