Water Vibration Experiment

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Water Vibration Experiment
Can water and its vibration heal us? It is believed water vibration alters according to its environment. There are also recent experiments in science, that show water is distinctly unique as a ‘liquid’ or more accurately – cannot be perceived as a typical solvent. A 2015 water study showed, that water has a longer than expected ‘holding’ of bonds that create temporary structures.
Our results show that water cannot be treated as a continuum, but that specific local structures exist and are likely very important” says Mischa Bonn, director at the MPI-P. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/09/150918083121.htm

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese water researcher, showed that water altered it’s structure based on the words and sounds being played.

He experimented with how positive words and thoughts could alter the physical chemistry of water molecules. He went further in theorizing that since we’re made primarily of water, that positive words and thoughts could affect our chemistry as well…

Source – https://mitte.co/2019/10/14/the-curious-study-of-water-consciousness/

“Further experimenting showed that water exposed to positive expressions like “Let’s do it!” created attractive, well-formed crystals, but that water exposed to negative expressions like “Do it!” barely formed any crystals at all.”― Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

Another study based on Dr. Emoto’s work, examined distilled water and water ‘treated’ with oregano pendant. The results from this double blind study showed that water did behave differently on the crystal level, when subjected to nothing or to an oregano infused pendant. This suggests that water carries and possibly receives information beyond the physical chemistry. And, perhaps, affects us differently all day, based on how we infuse the water we drink and utilize each and every day. 

source: https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/science-of-messages-from-water/

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We’ve decided to run an experiment of our own.
We’ve put 6 plants in 6 different vases of water. Each vase has a different word labelled on it.

The 6 words used are:

These are the words we’ll be speaking to the plants.

We’ll be observing and recording how these 6 plants react to their respective words.



6 identical glass vases

6 ‘identical’ (as best as possible in biology) Football Mums – flowers, from the same store sample

(Characterized by a fluffy, full head of elongated petals radiating from a central bulb head, mums are a lush choice for creating bouquets and centrepieces. Football mums are the largest in the mum family and typically range from 4 inches to 6 inches in bloom size.)

We cut stems to identical height. Leaves were taken off the lower half of the stems

1 distilled water container – to fill each vase the same height 2.5″ high at start of experiment

Refill container 1 week into experiment and top up drunk water to same height.

Equal cut, white printed cards, with single blue words printed on each card.

1 placed in front of each vase. Vases spaced evenly in the main store display window.

Window shelf used to display the flowers faces north with minimal late afternoon sun available on the start date of the experiment – September 16, 2020



The instructions in the window store display (for the public) explain the basis of the Dr. Emoto study and water vibration studied. Then, they recommend the person standing in front of the window to say each word, while looking at the flower.

The flowers will remain in the vases, with water topped up equally every week until further notice.


As of October 1, 2020…

To date it has been 14 days (as of October 1, 2020) that the cut flowers are set in the window. With no perceivable differences in wilting, growth, rooting, so far.

We will continue observing the flowers and taking standard photos from within the store and outside. We plan on continuing this methodology until 50% of the flowers/petals begin to fade. And will note what changes occur on which flower bloom and leaf structure.

It is our hypothesis, that if water is directly affected by what we think, say, feel, that it may transfer to perceivable differences in how the flowers wilt and how long each one lasts. Specifically, we want to see if each individual word will directly affect the flower blooming behind it.

Does Love conquer all?


Our final results show that Love...

water experiment word vibration update on flowers


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