We All Speak The Same Language - Earth Language

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What language do you speak?

(Hint: we all understand it…)


"We all speak the same language" - I’m sure you read it or heard it somewhere before. And no, I’m not speaking about love languages which may be latest trend. I’m talking about the language that comes from the deepest part of your heart. I'm talking about what you feel each time you step onto a fresh hiking path, cast your fishing lure into a flowing river, or sip on an iced tea watching the sun set over a lake.

This month, the heat rises, the sun reaches high in the sky and our activity levels naturally increase. You can see most people have a much greater need, an itch! to go outdoors and enjoy fresh air, do some camping, enjoy cottage time. As our weather supports us, the temperature is no longer a factor, we feel more relaxed and free.

We are called by this universal language of the earth.

Yes, despite everything that’s still going on in the world, our environment in Canada supports us now and we feel more inclined to wander into the great outdoors. As this happens, have you noticed that begin to feel this need to experience nature? It’s more relaxing - out there. It is easier - out there. And, we naturally follow this call and venture out. Listen to the hum of summer.

How does this connect to us all speaking the same language you ask?

At the root of our being, it shows us we all have the same needs and wants. We all have the same desires. Those desires are to be in connection with nature. This feeling of freedom we experience outdoors is an actual expansion of our mind and heart. We all want to feel a part of some thing. It is our natural way of being. In biophilia (the theory of having a genetic predisposition, a need, to being in nature) we learn and discover that our brains function better when we are surrounded by plants and wildlife. Even just having a few plants indoors improves our well-being.

Did you know in some hospital studies, when patients looked out the window onto a brick wall versus patients who looked out of the window onto a tree there was a significant difference in how fast they recovered from surgery?

As you might’ve guessed, based on what I’ve just been sharing with you, the patients in a room that looked out onto greenery recovered much faster than patients who did not have access to any sign of living greenery.

Related, studies out in California, with young children on various outdoor playgrounds showed that when they played their morning recess on a concrete playground versus children that played in a grassy outdoor field during recess, created a signifiant learning difference . Children that played in outdoor grassy fields during recess were able to perform much better on written English and mathematical skill tests than children that recess were able to perform much better on written English and mathematical skill tests, than children that played on concrete school yards. In a 2019 study, middle age school kids that learned in a 'biophilic' plant decorated classrooms, performed 3 times better than their peers (from neutral, no plants classrooms) on the same tests.


I guess what I’m trying to teach you is that YOU need to get OUTSIDE!


We all speak the same language and that language is ‘we need nature’. Whether you realize it or not you’re missing being around nature if you're not getting out. You are predisposed to grow in and be in nature. Our minds thrive and excel when we have regular exposure to running around, walking around on paths, in Parklands and enjoy the natural change of growing living plant life around us.

The birds and bees have so much to teach us, but so do all the trees, and the wild grasses, and the breathing, living earth beneath our feet.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it (this month) is to get out there regularly: that means daily for 15 to 20 minute walk and enjoy speaking with nature and allow her to support and nourish you.


Allow that time to Relax your Mind.

Allow that time to Feed your creativity.

Allow that time to support you and bring your greater peace and reduce your stress.

Allow that time to calm your nervous system and help you recover from aches and pains.

Nature has her way of helping us in so many ways that we still don’t understand.


“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.” Gary Snyder

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