Yoni Smudging & Divine Femininity with Andrea Flores

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This October we’re celebrating the Divine Goddess Rising. This refers to the divine energy and power within each and every one of us.

Why October? Because it’s a month of masking, unmasking, leading up to Halloween and All Saints Day. A time of year where we are looking at our masks, choosing masks for fun and entertainment, but also going into a Fall Harvest Gathering… gathering resources, coming together, and coming inward.

Andrea Flores joined us for a special talk this past Sunday about tapping into your Divine Femininity. Andrea is a Shaman in training, a Divine Goddess Rising in herself. 

How do we harness our divine goddess energy within?  Let’s look at the feminine and masculine swirling, shifting energies this month as we harness this energy. 

We asked Andrea what it means to her to be a Goddess… The modern Goddess, in today’s age and era, what does it feel like when you tap into your inner Goddess?

“Anyone can identify as a Goddess. There is an element of the Goddess within all living creatures, because we are a reflection of the ultimate Divine Goddess, Mother Earth. We all have that attribute within ourselves. Everyone walks with a little bit of Goddess within them, some might identify more than others, especially women who walk that Goddess path”.

“Everyone has a little bit of Goddess energy within them, we all have that divine feminine essence within, yet we don’t all recognize it”. 


Andrea resides in treaty lands, Mississauga, of first credit nation. She was born in Mexico and raised for the majority of her life in Canada.

“From the earliest of my memories I was a very creative person, painting, creating sculptures. I knew I was placed on this planet to do something creative. It’s taken my life journey to really understand that creativity. I studied Fine Arts in university in Toronto. Going through the gates of my spiritual journey, started 5 or 7 years ago when I got the push, since then I’ve devoted my life to creating artistry throughout every part of my life”

Andrea is a Yoga Teacher, and is slowly leaning towards one on one healing modalities. She has also recently picked up jewelry making. She scavenges beautiful pieces of Mother Earth and turns them into jewelry pieces.


What pushed you to tap into your inner Goddess Power?

“Learning what it really means to create helped me tap into my Goddess power. 

I considered myself a spiritual person to begin with but I hadn’t crossed that path of shadow work. I was confronted by my shadows… What we would consider in the modern world to be a mental break, a panic attack, something that took my breath away. From that point, it was in my hands. My higher self told me it was time… you’re hurting. It was uncomfortable, but nothing about change is comfortable. You have to push your way out of it to let your wings expand. It’s time to go through this, instead of going around it.”


How would you explain the inner shadow?

“The shadow aspect of the self is like the part of yourself that doubts, that constantly brings up the past, constantly puts you in a state of anxiety as opposed to a state of intuitive change”

There’s conversations in the spiritual community about the difference between anxiety and intuition. And there really is a difference between the two… it comes down to being confronted with knowing there are parts of ourselves that truly are there to challenge us. These are often opportunities, although when you’re in the midst of it it doesn’t seem that way. Sometimes it’s harder to crawl out, but it is an opportunity because creation happens in the dark. It’s something no one wants to go through, but that is where creation happens. When we can soften into the uncomfortable, and know that you will come out of it a better version of yourself. 

The light and the dark are constantly dancing, and they both have to exist for us to exist. It’s the dance between the both of them. 


Working with the Divine Goddess within. 

Sometimes this looks like dance and effortless movement as a natural tree would dance in the wind. That is sacred femininity. Chanting, mantras that ignite the teacher within, the inner wisdom that is sacred in itself. 

For Women, Feminine Energy, Feminine Power, has slowly been on the rise in the last few years, but it’s still not well understood. Andrea explores Natural Cleansing - spirit related cleansing of our sacred space, our sacred reproductive centre, womb, and centre of creativity. 


What is Yoni Cleansing?

Andrea has been practicing Spiritual Banos in her own home for about a year, in her bathtub at home, and you can too! She makes herbal teas in a big pot, steeps it and lets it sit, then that becomes a part of her bath. She uses Epsom salts to open the spiritual centre for receiving and releasing. This allows her to practice soul retrieval, and release shadows that have evolved. 

Being present opens yourself up allow beautiful things to come through and allow for things to be released. Especially when you go in with no expectations. 

Sacred Ritual Bath

We’ve put together a Sacred Ritual Bath Package at the Healing Muse Apothecary. This gift set includes a selenite crystal that is water soluble - run it under water to crystallize your bath water and allow for deep spiritual cleansing. It also includes sacred white sage for smudging, Himalayan salt rock, and lemon lavender bath scrub, and a lavender floral water spritzer.


Bath’s are a wonderful cleansing practice, but recently Andrea has gotten into yoni smudging. Similar to Yoni Steaming - that is boiled water with herbs which are steamed into the Yoni. You can wear a skirt or a blanket over your body so that it’s concentrated into your sacred area. It is truly a beautiful practice. 

Yoni Smudging however, is very different, it results in a different experience. 

The steaming is quite obvious, you can really feel it, the warmth and scent of the herbs, its very sensory. Whereas with smudging, it’s a moment to be in deep meditation and very present in that moment. The effects come later, which is something to get used to because we’re so used to having answers here and now, immediate effects.

Theres no point in which you’re guaranteed an answer, it’s a journey. 

To practice Yoni Smudging, you can ignite your herb on a charcoal disc in a heat-proof container then squat over the herb while calling in the energy from sacred guides, in gratitude with the herb, the plant, and the earth. Ask the herb to cleanse you,  and release what no longer serves you.

You must break through the barrier of “this feels uncomfortable” and “well what now?” 

The more you practice, the more it becomes a part of your tool box.  It provides you with a sensory experience, that’s what plants are there to do. 


Which plant to choose?

Everyone runs toward the same plant, in smudging and cleansing, that is often Sage. Once you start working with the deeper and intuitive part of yourself, you realize everyone has needs for a different plant. For Monika, this is Yarrow or Rosemary medicine. Allow yourself to expand and explore different plants. In smudging, you can play around with combinations of herbs, what makes you feel more creative or more relaxed, or more in tune with yourself. 



You can watch the full video with Andrea Flores here.

PS. Jump to 47 minutes to join us for a grounding meditation led by Andrea herself. 

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