Allowing Our Inner Goddess to Rise in Ocotober

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What does it mean to allow your inner Goddess to rise?

Honouring our inner Goddess and allowing her to rise means that we're inviting our hearts, the warmth, kindness, and compassion of who we are to unfurl and rise slowly into our conscious world. Of course... this can be quick and fast, and some people might describe this as their kundalini awakening.

(According to Tantra, kundalini energy rests like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. When this dormant energy flows freely upward through the seven chakras and leads to an expanded state of consciousness, it's known as a kundalini awakening.)

But in this case... slow and steady wins the race. 

Throughout the month of October we'll be exploring the inner Goddess inside each and every one of us. We'll discuss what it looks like to honour her and let her RISE this month.

Every Wednesday at 1:00PM EST Monika will be going live on Instagram Live on @healingmuse for 10-20 minutes to discuss each of the following topics.


Week One - Exploring the Goddess Archetype

What is a Goddess? More importantly what does a Goddess LOOK like?

There is a genuine, authentic, true Goddess energy in every single one of us. A Divine Feminine. Whether you are aware of this energy or not, whether you acknowledge this energy or not... it is there. This is the heart of our spirit self.

This week we look at this energy, explore it, celebrate it and invite it to grow in our lives in honour of everything this October energy brings us.


Week Two - Starting at the Root

We're starting at the root, as always. This week we look at the importance of unfurling or growing our deepest and strongest energy centre from the bottom up. Just like we did in the bodies and wisdom series where we explored all seven energy centres, or chakras, at the beginning of this year.

This time, we're going to allow our energy to rise from the base of the spine, from the root of who we are, and slowly move upward to expand and embrace the world we live in.

This will allow you to explore your inner Goddess one step at a time. Explore and honour her one habit at a time, one activity or experience at a time... Slow and steady.


Week Three - Inviting Warmth into Your Life

As we have celebrated Thanksgiving, sharing thanks, sharing food and harvest... Now, in the middle of this month, we come to a natural warmth and spiciness if you will.

This week, we look at the Heart, the centre of our glowing Vibrant Energy. How bright is your internal fire? Do you feel warm enough to welcome the shortening hours of sun and cooling days ahead?

Our Goddess Energy Rising represents a comfort, an embrace, a protection, a motherly care of ourselves. This is much needed in the coming months as the weather and temperature turns colder in the northern hemisphere.

How do you invite fuel and warmth into your life as we  winter approaches?

Do you use your breath to heat up and support yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?


Week Four - Embrace Your Rising Goddess

As the summer mists are replaced by fall blankets of fog, which will soon enough turn into light snow fallen blankets underfoot in the dark night... This is the week to embrace our Rising Goddess within.

Halloween is the time of year when we celebrate dressing up, masking in a costume and in allowing ourselves to be any spirit we desire... to be and portray any character we admire.

This week we invite you to allow a little more Spiritual Play to resonate within your heart. What does that mean? What does that look like?

It means, on the outside, you choose a costume or a mask that showcases a deep breath, an exploration of joy, an expansion, an invitation to play with the deep connection of our ancestors and the spirits that surround us.

As the month wraps up and we turn over a new leaf stepping into November 1st and All Saint's Day, it is truly a divine transformation to embrace this metaphorical dance of energy (and maybe a real one too!), a welcome dance and send blessings to all the spirits and our ancestors as we grow our divine goddess within.

Join us, will you?

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