Beyond Words: Divine Energy Explored with Angela Robson

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In this weeks Lifestyle Chat Sunday Series, we were joined by Angela Robson of Fuzion Life, talking all things Divine Energy and the harmony and balance we strive to discover and explore between our masculine and feminine.

Throughout the month of October we are looking at, exploring, and contemplating the Divine energy, Goddess rising, and the Divine Feminine…We asked Angela to join us and tell us about herself, her perceptions of working with the Divine Feminine, and going beyond words.

About Angela

Angela was a natural born intuitive, always listening to guidance and staying very connected. This was something that continued to develop through her teenage years and became very strong. She sought out training in mediation to understand her intuitive powers and learn how to balance them within herself. She met a woman of 85 years old who had incredible wisdom, having lived through the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the inception and development of New Age Movement and Meditation. Angela studied meditation under this woman and this developed further into studying natural healing, energetic healing systems, Reiki, and becoming a yoga teacher. 

The area of yoga that interested Angela most, were the meditative principles, Raja principles, and experiencing the different dimensions of consciousness, exploring how those energies translated into the physical body and energetic body. 

“In yoga, we talk about having three aspects of the mental energy body; the positive mind, the negative mind, and the meditative mind. When we have these in balance we’re able to experience not only the Yin Yang principle, but the union of the Yin and the Yang.”

 Angela speaks about a new conversation that’s evolving in our communities. The idea that gender is an energy spectrum. The sacred feminine and masculine energy shifts, develops, and expands, and is really inclusive to all people’s experiences. 

Angela focuses on a lot of trauma-based work, helping people who are recovering from trauma. In most cases, part of that trauma is that they have damaged their Sacred Feminine energy. Recovering sacred feminine energy is also part of recovering sacred masculine energy. Angela says that even these words, these titles, can be triggering for somebody who has experienced trauma.

Beyond Words

Angela works beyond words, beyond labels, she experiences the person completely energetically. What she’s learned from these sessions is that these energies are not only opposing but interacting. They have a dialogue, a supportive dialogue within our bodies. One is fluid, inspirational, creative, naturally soft and playful, whimsical, nurturing, and loving. The other gives form, manifestation, and structure to that energy.  Both are incredibly important for the individuals healing.

Monika relates this concept to the flow of water… 

We can have a very peaceful, flowing, effortless river, and the energy that is moving through it can be perceived as feminine, easy going, unstructured. But you can also have white caps in this strong river. These white caps represent strong movement, strong current, more of a masculine energy. We are all of the river, all of the water, you can’t be one or the other - you’re all of those things all of the time.  

“With the acquisition of language the vast range of perceptions are disregarded. A child soon comes to believe that if there’s no word for something it does not exist”

- The Return of the Bird Tribes 


 To watch the full conversation with Angela Robson, click here. 

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