Do Trees Talk?

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Trees Talk More Than You Do!

Throughout the month of June we have been celebrating and exploring the topic of our 5th Chakra, of how we speak and communicate. We’ve also looked at and opened up the topic of how nature speaks amongst itself and to us.

magic in nature

The wonderful world around us, the environment, is constantly in communication. Everything from the trees to the rocks to the sand beneath your feet as you walk on the beach, they're all talking. 

Everything is in constant flux and change and that change is part of the communication, part of the sharing of information.

Basically, I am saying:

the trees talk a lot more than you do.


As mere mortals, humans are so determined to be at the top of the food chain. To be the smartest, most intelligent, the highest conscious beings.

But are we?

Did you know that some trees respond almost instantly to wind patterns and increase in wind speed? Did you know the trees communicate with each other through their root systems? Did you know that trees listen to the bacteria and fungi in the soil around them to help them understand what is happening with the environment?

Yes, they do. They do all of this all the time with no education, with no classrooms, with no books.

Did you know that we have the same capabilities? Did you know that we have the ability to sit and listen and decipher information from our environment by paying attention?

listen to nature

But do we? When was the last time you made a point of sitting? When was the last time you made a point of going out in nature to sit still and watch, observe, and pay attention to the environment around you?

When was the that last time you sat outside on a park bench or laid down on a blanket on the grass or stood on the side of a snow capped mountain and listened to the beautiful nature sounds around you? That was the last time you were privy to receiving completely unbiassed information.

Think about that for a moment...

The last time you were outdoors listening to nature, interacting with nature, paying attention to the trees, the birds, the water, the wind, and the river speaking to you, was the last time you received information that was free from judgement and bias. Read that again.

Remember that the next time you’re tired of being used or when you notice the topics between people in your neighbourhood are never changing. The next time you’re tired of listening to the same political party or what you see as skewed news or one-sided storytelling by people, by our humans. Next time, go outside or pick up your favourite house plants and sit there and have a heart-to-heart listening session with a part of the earth. Because that’s where true wisdom and truth resides all the time.

Mother nature, she speaks to us in truth and wisdom through our heart and our core. We feel it and we hear it through the deepest part of ourselves. We recognize it long before our brain does. When you reconnect with your plant, animal, rock, or tree is the moment that you will find yourself ignited and illuminated once again.

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