October Goddess Love Celebration

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What is a goddess?

Historians of ancient times believe that the first goddess on the documented social scene was from Sumeria, back in the times of 4000BCE. Inanna, as she is known, is referenced as being powerful, aware and embodied inner strength and knowing.

Inanna is always depicted as a young woman, never as mother or faithful wife, who is fully aware of her feminine power and confronts life boldly without fear of how she will be perceived by others, especially by men.

source – www.ancient.eu/Inanna/

Since she was originally thought to be the goddess of agriculture and the lands, it seems fitting to be exploring her powers and strengths during this Autumn month of October, a harvest month, dominated by the harvest moon and the changing seasons.

Did you know, in ancient times, women were thought to have quite the extensive abilities to transform, transmute and change the world around them?

Her husband Dumuzi – who suffers for her rash choices in the poem The Descent of Inanna –  transforms in time into the dying-and-reviving god Tammuz and, annually at the autumn equinox, the people would celebrate the sacred marriage rites of Inanna and Dumuzi (Ishtar and Tammuz) as he returned from the underworld to mate again with her, thus bringing the land to life.

Did you know that in ancient times, women held positions of power and were idolized, protected and adored by societies?

The fall of Inanna seems to coincide with the overall change and fall of female led, female centric powers, and loss of womens’ rights in society.

It is Time that we now step fully into our own being.

What does that mean?

I am inviting you to join me in this movement of celebrating your true Goddess self.  #goddessrevival

It means I am asking you to recognize that we come, from a long time ago, a line of goddesses, a lineage of strong powerful women that were looked up to, revered, adored, and admired.

We can affect change today, by bonding together and celebrating together. By celebrating at home, online, in front of our altars, by a river, in sacred temple, with a simple candlelight, with a home-cooked meal, with our families and friends.

We can celebrate being divine, beautiful, strong, skilled, and all-around wonderful wonderful women.

It is time for us to recognize we have stood by for a very long time.

And, it is up to you, your true self to celebrate the power you contain within.

It is up to you to celebrate the wisdom, the charm, the grace, the passion, the kindness, the fortitude, the resolution, the resilience, the immense heart within YOU.

 I am here to urge you to act: be absolutely and resolutely empowered NOW to open up your heart to yourself. Shout out to the world – I am here.

 See yourself as the goddess you are

Then, and only then, step out into the world knowing this in your heart.


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