Summer Solstice Eco Giveaway

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It’s officially Summer! Can you believe it?

We’ve had a beautiful Spring season… the temperatures rose, snow melted, trees blossomed and flowers bloomed, all right before our eyes. Every year it seems like a miracle when Earth comes back to life on this side of the world! As we look around it's hard not to feel a deep appreciation for Nature around us... the LIFE around us. We live in a beautiful country, full of lakes and forests, adventure waiting for us at our doorsteps. We’re ready to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Summer Solstice is the first official day of Summer. The longest day of the year. Our spirits come alive today, we're refreshed, energized, and ready to celebrate this life-giving season. 

Over the past 3 months we ran a special giveaway… an Eco Giveaway. We asked you what your favourite eco tips were, how you protect our planet, and how you show your love for this special place. Our goal was to get you thinking of ways to be mindful while exploring the outdoors this summer. Reduce your waste, leave places better than you found them, and show gratitude for our home on Earth. Our home is beautiful isn’t it? Let’s come together and work towards keeping it that way. 

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway over the past 3 months. We loved reading your entries and learning how YOU are making a difference in our world. 

Here are some of the eco tips you’ve shared with us:

“Invest in a good water filter so that you cut buying water bottles or big plastic water containers”

“Using reusable bags when grocery shopping helps eliminate the use of plastic bags. For me I get so sad seeing plastic bags flying around and being stuck on trees.”

“a tip from Monika that I’ve been using this year is those plastic containers for fruits make the perfect heat/condensation containers for growing seedlings!!!!”

“Recycle, reuse, shop local as much as possible. Bike or walk. Shop second hand. Avoid plastic where ever possible. And a lot more 🌿

“using sustainable products like reusable cotton pads, metal straws and drinking oat milk or even making my own oat milk 💚

“Old pyjamas and t shirts are my floor and cleaning cloths. Oat milk is the only milk you will find in my fridge. 😊


It makes us so happy to hear that you are all making steps towards an eco-friendly life! 

Our favourite Eco tip is a sort of mantra for us at the Healing Muse. 

“Leave everything better than you found it”

While you're hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors, it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and make sure you're leaving the area exactly as you found it, if not cleaner! When you stop for a snack on your hike, watch out for wrappers or napkins that might easily blow away in the wind. On Sunday when you're tearing down camp, turn your final walk through into a game! Whoever can pick up the most trash wins, even if it's not your own trash! Adding a few extra minutes to your clean up can make all the difference. 

We don’t stop at “places” though. Part of mantra is geared towards leaving people better than we found them. We do this through education, inspiration, encouragement, and guidance. The Healing Muse teaches “Inspired Living & Healing”.  We teach you how to live inspired, with less stress, more focus, more energy, and greater options. Monika has been working one on one with clients for many years, teaching them how to listen their bodies, identifying blocks and imbalances, and examining the areas that are in balance and harmony. 

If you feel called to learn more about the work Monika does, you can book a free 15 minute introduction call here. 

Congratulations to our lucky winner, and thank you again to all those who entered and continue to support us at the Healing Muse, and the nature around us.

Let us use this season to spread awareness and love for our planet. Let’s teach people to honour the Earth every day and not just for Earth day. With their actions, their choices, and with their way of life

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