What does it mean to celebrate your inner Goddess?

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Last October we launched Goddess Love Giveaway. To enter, we had you tell us how you honour your Goddess within and we loved hearing all the creative answers you shared!

You are Reviving the Women’s Movement in a whole different Light.

Your words, your sharing, your speaking up and speaking out, sharing your vision, sharing your rituals, your quiet, wild and passionate beliefs with us. All of this helps young women, girls, the little ones, learn. With our told stories of play, wisdom, expansion, celebration, ache, connection and honouring our needs, we nourish the minds of the young women among us and create a strong, supportive environment for the young goddesses to rise up with us.

Let us celebrate women – every day!

We asked you how you honour and celebrate your own personal Goddess within and the answers we received were beautiful… Here are a few:

I honour the Goddess within by respecting and committing to a daily ritual to open all of my senses. Beautiful beats of drums with Shamanic Meditation to connect with my Spirit team, essential oils and incense to intake the deep healing aromas and grounding to connect with our beautiful Mother Earth’s healing vibration.


I take the time to practice self care daily and start my day with affirmations


I manifest my goddess by being creative with my art!


Playing my ukulele


I would say that my goddess nature is shining from within when I’m alone with myself and nature. A brief picture comes to my mind, it’s of my mother with all her feminine vibes and beauty. Self massage after a hot bath or shower is a good way of grounding for me, it makes me feel that my energies are becoming more subtle, heavy and light at the same time, I would say warm-moon like.


Definitely journaling. Helps flush out the shadows and make space for the light


We’d like to take this time to give back and celebrate all of the strong, powerful, independent women out there who take the time to honour the light within them.  With that being said, we’ve encouraged you to share even more… We’ve called out to women owned businesses who need a little extra appreciation!

Here is one of the many powerful women we’d like to acknowledge:

Laura Dias, Huna Practitioner – Sanctuary Within Healing



As a Huna Practitioner, staying in a higher awareness and a higher consciousness is vital to both my own healing ritual and the healing work that I extend upon my clients as a conduit of healing for the Higher Power.  Redirecting low vibrational thoughts and emotions to Higher Self is a choice and we can choose to do so or to allow it to sit with our subconscious, our lower self, where it recycles itself over and over promoting disharmony and dis-ease if left alone.  When we become aware that we are the creators of our own Universe and through free will make the decision to release the same vibration that created the disharmony and dis-ease and vibrate in the present moment to create a new body, incredible healing takes place.  Everything is energy!  Our Higher Self is fully supportive and loves us unconditionally and developing a relationship with our Higher Self is of utmost importance to our healing journey. 

sanctuary within healing… 

…was named with the mindset that all power comes from within, not the outside world. We can’t fix anything externally before the internal world is given the love and attention that it seeks. In Huna we live by the 7 Principles and the second principle states “There are no limits, be free” meaning you make the rules and only you can change them.  Beliefs are just thoughts repeated in our mind and can easily be changed with a strong authority and this power comes from strengthening our conscious mind with our Higher Self. Our world is a print out of the mind.  Everything is a reflection of your personal consciousness which is vibration and energy. When we take responsibility for our own consciousness things change in the physical dimension.  This is a Universal Law. I am truly passionate about the work that I do as a Huna Practitioner and can chat about Huna endlessly.  My own healing journey with Huna empowered me to learn this ancient healing modality and support others in their healing journey and for this I am eternally grateful.

feel the energy of movement within you:

watch the trees flow

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