Body Zen Series

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Each month we discuss one of the seven chakras and relate it to Mudras, Poses, Body Movement, a Zen Mind, and much more.. 

Monika will be joined by Rose Mary of @TanessaRose on the second Monday of every month to carry out this 7 month long Body Zen Series. 🌹

TanessaRose is a boutique studio that offers unique one on one experiences to create personal scent memories through customized Yogic movement classes, Meditation/visualization experiences and Aromatic consults. She helps people find compassion, deep friendships and personal growth in a community environment or independent journey.

"Together we share ways to reduce Stress and Anxiety, increase Sleep, Calm and Peace, allow life to unfold at a slower more enriching and meaningful pace. Find time to experience JOY in the smaller things where scent infused memories are created".

Our Next Meet Up is Monday, August 9th at 7:30PM EST

Our next live chat in the series will be exploring the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra. We'll be focusing on integrating all of the chakra energies, using higher wisdom to put everything we've learned together. 

Click this link to register for our Body Zen Series. 


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