Lifestyle Chat Sundays - October 2021

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We have two very special guests joining us for our Lifestyle Chat Sundays this month in honour of our Goddess Celebration.

Throughout the Month of October we'll be exploring the inner Goddess inside each and every one of us. We'll discuss what it looks like to honour her and let her RISE this month.

Honouring our inner Goddess and allowing her to rise means that we're inviting our hearts, the warmth, kindness, and compassion of who we are to unfurl and rise slowly into our conscious world.

Tune in live on Instagram Live on October 10th at 7:00PM EST and 17th at 11:00AM EST for two very special Lifestyle Chats to learn more. 


Sunday, October 10th, 7:00PM EST on IG LIVE

On Sunday, October 10th, Andrea Flores will join us for a conversation about tapping into our womb space. She will walk us through uncovering energetic cleansing techniques to bring harmony back into our sacred womb.

Andrea Flores

We will talk about yoni smudging, the healing properties of certain plant allies and other cleansing techniques that can be done in a non invasive way. There will be an opportunity to answer some questions, and we will finish with a short 7 minute sound healing meditation for the sacred womb.

Andrea was born in Mexico and raised the majority of her life here in Canada. Her work is primarily Earth based; using plants, the elements, and sound, to create healing experiences for the body, mind & soul.  Andrea is a Curandera in training, by means of a Guideship with mentor Lakota High Priestess Myranda Bennett, where she is evolving with her gifts and honouring the sacred.

Andrea is also a certified yoga & meditation guide. She has devoted her life to this work, to bring peace back into the hearts of those called to transformation. 

You can find Andrea on Instagram here: @withsenses



Sunday, October 17th, 11:00AM EST on IG LIVE

On Sunday, October 17th, Angela Robson of will be joining us for a discussion about the Sacred Feminine Energy. 

Angela is a Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Meditation teacher with over thirty years experience in her fields.  She also provides spiritual counselling through her mediumship which is a blend of talk therapy and energy reading she discusses the individual's karma , life's blessings and challenges.

Angela Robson

Angela's Reiki work has a special focus on healing the sacred feminine energy, making space for emotions, inspiration, and beauty as it is experienced through the Divine's creative energy. This will then lead to healing toxic masculine energy and recovering the sacred true nature of that energy as it provides stability, focus, action, logical reasoning and a shared healthy relationship with the feminine power. 

You can find Angela on Instagram at @FuzionlifeToronto and on Facebook at Fuzion Life @fuzionlifetoronto

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