Body Zen Series

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Each month we discuss one of the seven chakras and relate it to Mudras, Poses, Body Movement, a Zen Mind, and much more.. 

Monika will be joined by Rose Mary of @TanessaRose on the second Monday of every month to carry out this 7 month long Body Zen Series. 🌹

TanessaRose is a boutique studio that offers unique one on one experiences to create personal scent memories through customized Yogic movement classes, Meditation/visualization experiences and Aromatic consults. She helps people find compassion, deep friendships and personal growth in a community environment or independent journey.

"Together we share ways to reduce Stress and Anxiety, increase Sleep, Calm and Peace, allow life to unfold at a slower more enriching and meaningful pace. Find time to experience JOY in the smaller things where scent infused memories are created".

Our Next Meet Up is Monday, July 12th at 7:30PM EST

It's our 6th live chat of the series and we'll be exploring the 5th Chakra - The Throat Chakra. Our Discussion will revolve around Communication. Communicating Joy, Kindness, and Compassion - with ourselves and with others. 

Expressing ourselves through our bodies, with the sprits and using our vibration to form a communion with nature. 

Click this link to register for our Body Zen Series. 


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