Inspired Healing

Your Body is Talking – what is it saying to you?

Life can get confusing and hectic at times. Half the time we forget what we're even doing here.
Here, I invite you to take a deep breath. Slow down, for just one moment. Now.

Read on... I see you as a wonderful human being. And I believe I can help you to see that too. 

But.. how?

By clarifying for you and explaining what I see, within you. 
This is our Intuitive Body Reading session, with you.
We learn a lot together. Starting from the first 5 minutes…

Your body offers a wealth of knowledge. Your movements speak, your posture speaks, your speech and the way your voice sounds tells a story. Your entire heart communicates through your physical being and your thoughts broadcast who you are — all the time.

The signs are there!
You simply forgot to pay attention. Or maybe you never learned your body’s language.
Many of us were never taught what listening to our body looks like!

Now’s your chance. Live Inspired.

Inspired Living Awaits You.

Live Inspired = less stress, more focus, more energy, greater options

It is time for you to learn to listen to the voice of your body, mind, heart and spirit. You can do this, starting today. I teach you and show you the way your physical body is clearly communicating to you. I can show you what blocks and imbalances are within you. I help you learn how to question and examine what parts of you are in balance and harmony and what parts of you are screaming for attention.

Our bodies are screaming for attention and we don’t listen.
You can learn this skill – it's not difficult. It just takes time and simple instructions. I can help you learn how.

We will look at energy centres (chakras) and how to relate them to everyday problems like: "my back hurts" or "I get a lump in my throat, when I think of my mom" or "I feel anxious because there is too much to do". 

We will explore and investigate over time, how your body changes and responds to your new focus, your choosing to listen, your newly found strength to move forward and expand. And then, you can grow. Grow your world. Grow your business. Grow your health. Grow your awareness.

Grow your wellness.
Grow your harmony.
Grow your compassion.

Want to know more? Curious? Ready to try something new (yet ancient)?

I'm offering a FREE, completely complementary 15 minute intro to your body reading. This can be done online or over the phone.

Intuitive Body Reading - Zen Principle Based Chakra Energy Guidance

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