Body Zen Healing Sessions

As an INTUITIVE, I read your body language, your heart space, your environment. 
And, I teach you how to do the same. Read on. 

Many people are walking around in a fog, a daze.
Are you stuck just getting by? Frustrated with your daily grind?

When I say to you:  ‘what are you feeling?’ Or ‘what are you thinking?’ --
does it take you time to be able to clearly answer? 

Usually I get an ‘I don’t know’. 


Body Zen Intuitive Healing Reading provides you: 
clarity, relaxation, de-stressing techniques and tools.
I always begin centred, in the Middle Way. It is a good place to root. Let us begin gently, with kindness and compassion. 


With over stimulation, too much information, misinformation and a constant flow of ‘what-to-do stimulation’, it makes sense that we would shut down our sensors and close off to the world around us.

How then do we open and jumpstart our body’s ability to perceive, to sense and promote focus and enhance clarity?

One of the many effective guidance tools we may use to move forward and refocus is a medicine woman deck of cards. Or a shamanic animal reading deck. 


Want to ease into a reading?
You may begin with a sacred divination deck, Tarot, or explore your life here and now with the Animal Spirit deck.

Creating a reading spread with customized questions and card positions really opens up the possibilities of inquiry and allows for clear actions to come into your life. Your choices become clear and visible to you.


Reading tools available:

• medicine woman oracle cards
• shamanic animal medicine
• plant spirit oracle
• goddess wisdom deck
• artisan tarot deck
• medicine song oracle deck



Want more in depth guidance?
Body Reading is the way. 

When you need clarity in your life and guidance to move forward, an Intuitive Healing Session is right for you. 

Book a free 15 minute Healing Consult today. 

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 How to choose?

Quick reading: 15 minutes - Complimentary

Body reading: 90 minutes online or in person in our Sacred Healing Space

Space reading-Feng Shui: Your Home or Office Assessment with Detailed Report


Your Full Body Reading Assessment & Life Guidance Session



It is right for you if:


Monika Meulman Zen Life Guide


You are READY to FOCUS 

You are READY to STOP the excuses

You are READY to STOP Hurtful Behaviour





I invite you to a 90 minute session, from where you are. 



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Our sessions are built on 22 years experience in sensory awareness sessions, healing & body reading, East & West world teachings, and plant medicine studies. The sessions are based on body balance, guidance, animal medicine and intuitive body reading, specific to you and your needs.