Intuitive Healing
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What is Inspired Healing?

Inspired Healing is YOU listening to your body and mind, in full awareness, and FINALLY understanding what it’s saying.

Body Reading:
I teach you through your body's language.

I read your body, your posture, your tension, your balance, your ways of moving, your speech, your emotional and mental state and help you see it all together. 

Feng Shui:  
I teach you through the space you live in. 

I teach you through the space you work in.


By clarifying for you and explaining what I see - in you.
This is our Inspired Healing session, together.

Your body offers a wealth of knowledge. Your movements speak, your posture speaks, your speech and the way your voice sounds tells a story. Your entire heart communicates through your physical being and your thoughts broadcast who you are — all the time. 

Did you know that 70-93% of your communication is non-verbal? Your Body is Talking – what is it saying? Are you missing all the cues? The signs are there! There are hundreds of them! Unfortunately, Many of us were never taught what listening to our body looks like!


Inspired Living Begins Here

 Inspired Living is
  • less stress
  • more focus
  • more energy

and therefore allows greater living

It's time for you to learn to listen to the voice of your body, mind, heart and spirit.
Start today - book now
Note: all new clients are required to have a complimentary phone consult before booking a session

I teach you and show you the way your physical body is clearly communicating to you.
I show you what blocks and imbalances you hold within.
I help you learn how to question and examine how parts of you are in balance and harmony and how to hear parts of you screaming for attention.

We will look at energy centres (chakras) and how to relate them to everyday problems like: "my back hurts" or "I get a lump in my throat, when I think of my mom" or "I feel anxious because there is too much to do". 

We explore and investigate:
  • Your choosing to listen.
  • How your body changes
  • How it responds to your new focus
  • Your new found strength to move forward
  • Expand Your ability to  Grow

Your Awareness then: your World, your Business, your Health, your Wellness. 

Fee Schedule:
Initial Session $250+HST
Returning Session $150+HST
Note: all new clients are required to have a complimentary phone consult before booking a session

Mukti Yoga Studio
3301 Lakeshore Blvd West 
Toronto ON M8W 1M8 
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Intuitive Healing

Sacred Healing Space

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Who is the Healing Muse?

Monika Meulman is the founder of The Healing Muse.
After studying at the University of Toronto, Monika was Inspired to study and experience the wisdom of The Tao, Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Feng Shui, Zen Buddhism, Meditation and Yoga. In the last few years, her intuitive healing journeys have taken through shamanic lessons, pilgrimages, deep meditative practices and communion with nature. 

The Healing Muse is all about inspiring you to reconnect with who you are. Our mission is to remind you how to inspire, how to breathe in life, so that your life flows at a gentler pace. We teach you how to smile with your mind and body and to live more aware, fully connected life.

Everything we create, everything we do, is done with Zen based principles in mind.

Monika Meulman

Owner & Founder of The Healing Muse Apothecary
with over 20 years of intuitive healing experience

Intuitive Healing Sessions 
Available online or in person

  • Body Reading (Intuitive Healing + Reiki)

  • Medicine Card Readings

  • Feng Shui Evaluation


Live Inspired Now.

We will learn a lot together. Starting from the first 5 minutes! This is why I welcome you to a complimentary 15 minute session, at your convenience. When you book a short time to chat, I will begin by asking you a few questions and get you started on making positive, Zen Balanced, life changes that very day.

From there, we can discuss further sessions that might align with where you are in life, whether that is Intuitive Body Reading, Reiki, Card Readings, or Feng Shui.

Which Session is Right For Me?

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki Energy Based Healing is the most natural, healing form known to us. Reiki is a channeling of energy around you, energy that is always there, ready for focusing.
Our WORLD is full of loving flowing energy. Love simply means: expanding.
Love expands us.
 Fear shrinks us.

To heal, to improve, to strengthen, we channel this energy and apply it. With Reiki practice, we tend to the whole person, the entire human. At The Healing Muse, you are taught to remember Your Hūman. You are shown how the awareness of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being can work as one. You are taught to see how you are complete. This is the power of energy healing.

From Gaia, our Mother Earth, up to the celestial energies of the skies above us, you are completely connected and empowered, each time you practice and receive REIKI.

Body Reading (Intuitive Healing + Reiki)

Are you ready for a more in depth guidance?
 Do you need clarity in your life and guidance to move forward? Body Reading is the way. 

Body Reading is right for you if:

You are READY to STOP the excuses 

You are READY to STOP Hurtful Behaviour

Body Zen Intuitive Healing Sessions provide you with clarity, relaxation, and de-stressing techniques and tools. I always begin centred, in the Middle Way. It is a good place to root. Let us begin gently, with kindness and compassion.

Medicine Card Readings

With over stimulation, too much information, misinformation and a constant flow of ‘what-to-do stimulation’, it makes sense that we would shut down our sensors and close off to the world around us.
 How then do we open and jumpstart our body’s ability to perceive, to sense and promote focus and enhance clarity? 

One of the many effective guidance tools we may use to move forward and refocus is a medicine woman deck of cards, or a shamanic animal reading deck.  

Want to ease into a reading?
 You may begin with a sacred divination deck, Tarot, or explore your life here and now with the Animal Spirit deck. 

Creating a reading spread with customized questions and card positions opens up the possibilities of inquiry and allows for clear actions to come into your life. Your choices become clear and visible to you.   

Reading tools available: 

• medicine woman oracle cards

• shamanic animal medicine

• plant spirit oracle

• goddess wisdom deck

• artisan tarot deck

• medicine song oracle deck 

Feng Shui

If you have stuck or stagnant energy in a specific area of your house or office, this will often express itself in stagnation in an area of your life.

We are in a constant flow and all materials around you are in constant change.  I will walk you through the foundations of Feng Shui to optimize your home or work space and give you further guidance to keep energy fresh and flowing.

Begin your Inspired Healing Journey with Monika Meulman -- Willow Keeper of the River People.

Let's grow together.

Let's embrace our Remembering Our Hūman together.


What Clients Say

It is always a pleasure and a great learning experience to have Monika sharing her Charisma, Knowledge and Wisdom in our groups. Participants really enjoyed in-person and now virtual sessions. Even though virtually is not the same, Monika’s dedication and commitment makes it look effortless but so worth it. We all agree she is indeed a fountain of knowledge!


It's been over a month since my session with you and it feels like I am shifting...remember when I said it feels to me like I am trying to integrate? it feels now more like having a safer space.


I absolutely Love your offerings!!


I recently joined Instagram just so I can go back and watch all your older videos and I loving them, I think you're so wonderful and I am so happy I found you.



I loved to spend time with Monika. She’s a wealth of information, beautiful and so generous of her time.


I have been a loyal Healing Muse customer for 15 years. Owner Monika Meulman’s passion for health and wellness is infectious and her all natural products are made with love. She has a genuine gift - a combo of intuition and background knowledge - for finding just the right products to meet her customers unique needs. Monika has long been a cheerleader for her Lakeshore community and is warm and welcoming to those who pass through her door.


I reached out to Monika when I felt like I needed something more than just physiotherapy and chiropractor. I have been attending aromatherapy massage sessions and it is amazing how much it helps. Monika has been able to guide me in the right direction and teach me about healing and what I need to do to help my body. I would highly recommend her.


Thank you Monika, we have been working non stop for the past 14 days, so we were really due for a break and the workshop was just wonderful it really lifted both of our spirits.


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