Our Story

The Healing Muse is Inspiring Healing within you. Inspired healing allows you to choose Inspired Living. 


Our Belief

I cannot make you heal.
I cannot make you change or even feel.

I CAN INSPIRE you to do so. I can IN-SPIRE, INVITE You, welcome you to choose to heal, to feel better.  (Inspire - Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), which itself is from the word spirare, meaning “to breathe.” from Merriam-Webster)


wisdom is spiral and follows the breath


How to begin Inspired Healing?

I inspire you to reconnect with who you are by providing you with a safe,  beautiful, sacred space to embrace who you are. This is how we begin. Gently.

Following Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we recognize that our basic needs must be met before we can explore growth and true Hūman integration of body, mind, heart and spirit.  (To learn more about Maslow and the updated review of his work, see Scott Barry Kaufman's new book: Transcend)

Through a short phone call, a meet up in our Apothecary, a Q & A at one of our workshops, or even in the local gardens, you get a glimpse of what is possible in mastering your own life and living fully. 

I teach you how to tune into your body and mind, so you are able to fulfill your life needs:

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You may begin here, explore our website, with our beautiful custom made aromatic tools, workshops, educational blog or our Inspired Healing and Inspired Living tips on our social channels.  


 Isn't it time that you understood what your body is saying to you? 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to remind you how to inspire, how to breathe in life fully.  We teach you how to smile with your mind, heart and body.
We strive to leave people, places, and things better than we found them.  

 Tibetan prayer flags for inner peace

Did you know that the Tibetan Prayer Flags are meant to hang in windy places to carry your prayers? As they move in the wind, they allow us to send our troubles, our hardships in thought and prayers to be carried by the wind. The more worn they are the more they are believed to be effective. 

We reference the Tibetan Prayer Flags because we study, daily, the Buddhist path, the 4 Noble Truths and follow the Eight Fold Path. Each year we offer an online Body Zen Awareness course designed to help you nurture and remember your body and mind connection, at you own pace. Read more here.


How we strive to support you... 

As we focus on teaching you to live more aware, fully connected to yourself, your loving Hūman self.  I teach you to remember your Hūman ( your human nature, your human ways, your human strengths and weaknesses and your human purpose in this lifetime)

intuitive healing sacred space smudging preparation lighting sage

At The Healing Muse all we create and the intention in everything we do is rooted  Buddhist based principles and the Zen Way. 
We also focus on the ancient (some would say long forgotten) practice of honouring the Earth, our beautiful Home, in every step of our workshop, teaching and product creation.


May you enjoy your healing journey with us.






Monika Meulman is the founder of The Healing Muse.
Her journey into nature discovery began at an early age, but developed into full blown passion with science research and education at the University of Toronto.

Intuitive Healer in the wild absorbing earth wisdom

She pursued a double major in psychology and zoology to build a secure foundation  of understanding nature and our earth systems, earning an Honours Bachelor of Science. Specializing in exploring and researching animal communication cemented her love for all animals and showed her the path to a fulfilling way of life.  


After her university years, she was Inspired to study and experience the wisdom of The Tao, Tao Te Ching, I Ching, Feng Shui, Zen Buddhism, Meditation and Yoga. In the last few years, her intuitive healing journeys have taken through shamanic lessons, pilgrimages, deep meditative practices and communion with nature. 


She is an intuitive, she reads you: your body language, how you move, how you balance yourself, how you speak, how you present yourself to the world and to yourself. The signs are there, within you. 

Beyond the physical signs, there are thousands of subtle energy signs that you are constantly projecting and sharing.

Isn't it time you were aware of them?
Isn't it time you understood them?
They are yours after-all. 


How is this possible?
Your energy is visible at every level: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Her work focuses primarily on helping you establish the physical chakra balance (the first 3 chakras of our energy system) with a strong connection to YOUR heart (the fourth chakra).

You can read an article Monika wrote about the development of the chakras HERE for amotherworld.com

Her in depth understanding of our connection to nature, to our Mother Earth, here and now, allows her to help you easily see how to improve your own connection within, starting today.


Remember: We can only Inspire You to Heal.

At The Healing Muse, Monika teaches how to improve connections between your body, mind, heart and spirit. The Zen Life Guidance sessions are designed to help you learn one step at a time. This allows you to INSPIRE the lesson, to INTEGRATE the teaching into your life right away, to live in a stronger body and in greater harmony.


Learn your body’s language once and for all!

You begin to understand yourself better with each session.
Ready to reduce pain, stress, and improve your life today?


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Zen Life coaching with a hands on approach intuitive healing sessions:

Monika’s work is facilitated primarily by breath work and teaching, essential oils and Reiki energy. The sessions are all about listening, learning, observing and teaching you what your body and mind are doing. Monika can teach you what your body has been saying to you all this time.


Monika Meulman is a certified aromatherapist and healer and has worked in complementary health for over 25 years. At Healing Muse, she does intuitive healing treatments and reiki sessions

Monika is a professional member of The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (cfacanada.com) and Founder of the Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society. She is also a Reiki Master and a Mind Body Breath coach. 

‘We learn a lot together.’

Monika is a contributing health writer for Amotherworld.com – writing about parenting, energy, children, nature, and the great outdoors.  

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