Reiki Healing

Reiki energy based healing is the most natural, healing form known to us.

Reiki is a channeling of energy around you, energy that is always there, ready for focusing.

Our WORLD is full of loving flowing energy.

Love simply means: expanding.

Love expands us.
Fear shrinks us.

To heal, to improve, to strengthen, we channel this energy and apply it.

With Reiki practice, we tend to the whole person, the entire human.

At The Healing Muse, you are taught to remember your human. You are shown how your awareness of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being can work as one. You are taught to see how you are complete.

This is the power of energy healing. From Gaia, our mother earth, up to the celestial energies of the skies above us, you are completely connected and empowered, each time you practice and receive REIKI.

Sessions are 75 minutes
$135+HST in Canada

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If you find yourself far away, and unable to join us in our Sacred Healing Space, we support you online.

Pay Online for Phone, Distance support healing sessions and receive:
2 for 1 SESSIONS