Summer Essential Oils Guide

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Summer Must Have Oils Guide!

Stock up on these basics before you head to the cottage or camping with your pals. click on the oil to shopsummer gorgeous hair essential oils must have

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Tea Tree - for bites, stings, cuts, Irritations
Eucalyptus - for cooling, disinfecting, headaches
Lavender - for calming, travel, headaches
Lemon Eucalyptus  - bugs, mosquitoes, repellent
Rosemary - energy, circulation, feel great
Pink Grapefruit - sugar scrub smooth legs must have
Lemongrass - focus, energy, fresh zesty feel

pink grapefruit essential oil for summer fresh toned legs summer fresh essential oil must haves start here stay alert toned and muscle ache free with rosemary essential oil  CYPRESS is a super toning and supportive summer essential oil


and remember

Safety First

A quick and easy guide about using essential oils safely from The Healing Muse at our Healing Muse Apothecary.

We’ll go over topics like expiry, preparations, whether or not you can safely ingest essential oils, and photo-toxicity. We emphasize the importance of doing your own research before using essential oils and always cross-examining your sources.

First off, let’s talk about expiry dates.

All essential oils break down; they oxidize and their integrity changes.

Some people say that essential oils do not expire and that they are good forever…

This is misinformation.

Essential oils oxidize, they change as soon as the vials or small containers open and oxygen gets into the container. The oxygen immediately starts changing the integrity and the strength of the essential oil, and weakening its structure. Although you will seldom see an “expiry date” as you would on traditional food items,
essential oils do break down.

Here’s a general guideline for how quickly your oils breakdown.

Citrus oils include Sweet Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Mandarin, etc.

Citrus oils tend to break down within 6 months. They will last about 6 months at full integrity from the time of bottling or preparation and then they will start to break down in quality very quickly. Within one year, citrus oils are pretty much useless. They are definitely the most volatile oils out there so you’ll want to purchase them in small quantities, or, use them very quickly if you’re purchasing them in larger quantities.

Robert Tisserand has a great summary of citrus oil — keeping your oils ‘on ice’ in a write up here.


camping summer essentials start here with tea tree bug off and body roll ons