Aromatic Skin Calming Spray - Rose Hydrosol

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Aromatic Skin Calming Spray - Rose

This is pure 100% rosewater, also known as hydrosol.
Hydrosols are plant materials distilled specifically for the aromatic water.

Did you know that rosewater has been used for thousands of years to naturally soothe the skin? in Egyptian times women would actually be in Bathwater full of rose petals freshly picked that day.

Hydrosol Sprays are an excellent way to use aromatic plants in safe concentrations on youngest members of your family, while offering soothing elderly care and easy, safe pet care for the furballs in your home.

Use sprays once in the morning and once before bed for best effect.

Customer Reviews

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The smell is intoxicatingly beautiful. Soothing on the skin and joyful for the spirit. I recommend!

The real deal!

I'm really happy with this toner. So many "rose waters" out there are not actually rose hydrosol, but this is the real deal. The scent is strong but lovely, and you don't need that many sprays on the face, 3 is enough for me. If I spray too much, my face gets a little pink, so less is more! Overall, very satisfied and will buy again.

Masayo Laing
Always great quality of products and services

I have been purchasing their products over 10 years!! Always great quality and what I like is I know exactly what are in their products and who made it!! No hidden ingredients

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