Body Zen Awareness DROP IN Class at Mukti Studio

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Your body is talking. Are you listening?

Let's play and learn together. 

Time to understand what your body is telling you --- make your life beautiful, enjoyable and embrace the wonderful being that you are. 

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Introductory Workshops:

Upcoming Dates:
July 13th Wednesday
& July  28th Thursday , 2022

Class Time:  7pm 
Class Duration: 1 hour Class

Cost: $20 + HST

Location: Mukti Yoga Studio 
Located at 3301 Lake Shore Blvd West 


We learn with Joy, Fun and Bouts of Profound Discovery!

This Body Zen Awareness Class teaches us to:
live fully
live our best life
be present 
see the signs
reduce pain
increase strength

Download our free Body Zen Life Guide 



Wisdom is our Natural Way of Living 
Ready to Rediscover the way?

Duration: 50 minutes
Ongoing Series

  • body, heart & mind - energy  lesson (focus on chakra energy & the 8 fold path)
  • practice (body movement), walking/sitting meditation
  • check-in reassessment

Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Lessons Experiential movement
Understanding what our body is saying
Reprogramming what we want to live

inspired healing and living begins here


Works well as a series
You are welcome to join any class
No experience necessary.
All humans welcome.


body awareness zen way of awareness is resting awareness in the body body awareness begins in intention zen way is the middle waypractice body awareness and listening to yourself begins here

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