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When we blend our Bug Off recipe we make sure to include all the natural repellants together, particularly the nice smelling ones. We combine Lemon Eucalyptus with Geranium, which is a wonderful deterrent of pests in the garden and also on you wonderful humans. When combined with Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citronella, and Litsea, it smells delicious, it’s inviting (not to the pests), easy to use, and keeps a wide variety of bugs away.

The Bug Off Spray is quick and easy to apply to clothing surfaces, hair and face, socks and shoes, it can really be sprayed anywhere! It’s best to reapply the spray every 1-2 hours if you’re outdoors in a heavily wooded area, camping, or at the cottage.

Customer Reviews

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Carol van Geel
It's great!

Shortly after we left the store after picking up the spray, I said to my daughter let's give it a spray and see what it's like... She (and I) thought it smelt so nice! We have used it and it works great! I am the one in the family that the bugs "love" so I'm really happy about a natural solution 😊 Also very, very happy to have a natural product for my 5 year old. Thanks Monica!


So much better than any bug spray I’ve purchased!! Smells so amazing that sometimes I just spray it on as a body spray! I can see bugs dodging me sometimes when I have it on, absolutely love and buy it every year!

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