Bug OFF Lotion

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When we blend our Bug Off recipe we make sure to include all the natural repellants together, particularly the nice smelling ones. We combine Lemon Eucalyptus with Geranium, which is a wonderful deterrent of pests in the garden and also on you wonderful humans. When combined with Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citronella, and Litsea, it smells delicious, it’s inviting (not to the pests), easy to use, and keeps a wide variety of bugs away.

We blend our Bug Off blend into our olive oil base lotion and also into a floral water hydrosol spray.  Why do we make two different options? Because our skin absorbs them differently! 

The lotion can be absorbed into the skin, evaporating much slower while deeply moisturizing. Because it evaporates slower, it also lasts longer.

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