castile olive oil unscented soap bar

Castile Soap 100% Olive Oil - Unscented Round

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Pure Unscented Castile Olive Oil Soap.
100% olive oil (Olea europaea L.), sodium hydroxide, water.

Beautifully suited for sensitive skin and every day gentle moisturizing and cleansing for body and face. Can be used as a shampoo bar, very good bar for washing hair. Made in the very ancient tradition of the purest, simplest, basic ingredients of olive oil and lye. Superfatted for a luxurious, naturally moisturizing feel on your skin.

Our Pure Unscented Castile Olive Oil Soap is packaged in 100% compostable reusable containers. We are proud to support our mother Earth in every product and create in a sustainable way. We use only the best harvested essential oils, from reputable and sustainable sources.

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