Chunky Lavender Soap Square

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Chunky Lavender Soap Squares

Minimum 150gm 


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The Perfect Gift of Love Package: Soap Bar + Cotton Wash Cloth

Specify White, Green, Pink or Red Cotton Wash Cloth to add to your package. 

Colour varies across batches. Natural conditioning & colour with Australian Red Clay makes this soap silky and smooth. 

This gentle rich soap is made of pure Castile Olive Oil Soap with Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia), water and sodium hydroxide, garden herbs and flower petals. Super fatted formula for moisturizing your skin. Embellished with dried flower petals on top.

Did you know that the richer, heavier Olive Oil is a much better acid in the traditional Castile soap recipe? Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil creates a lighter product and is more costly. It is best to reserve extra virgin olive oil for salads and fresh home cooking!

Lather this chunky lavender soap to create a naturally mild, soothing earthy aroma. Cleanse your body while creating a relaxing atmosphere in your shower or bath.

NOTE: each square chunk is different. The size bars are by weight. Price is for a 160gm minimum weight bar. Flower and herb mixtures are unique to each batch and vary from square to square. Contains bits of lavender, rose petals, marjoram and nettle dried.

Our Chunky Lavender Soap Squares are packaged in 100% compostable reusable containers. We are proud to support our mother Earth in every product and create in a sustainable way. We use only the best harvested essential oils, from reputable and sustainable sources.

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