Gentle Scrub Tangerine

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An all-natural, gentle, and luxurious exfoliating scrub that reveals your naturally beautiful skin. Gently wash away dead skin and impurities while unclogging pores, leaving only your naturally glowing, radiant, and smooth skin. 

How to use:

Gently massage into damp skin in circular motions 2-3x per week for best result. Follow with a dollop of your favourite Healing Muse Face Cream, like the Rose Dream Day Cream.


The Gentle Tangerine Scrub contains a beautiful combination of Tangerine, Rosemary and Apricot kernel shells. These ingredients blended together create the perfect face wash and gentle skin exfoliator.  Tangerine and Rosemary pure essential are great for increasing circulation which promotes cell regrowth and promotes healthy looking skin.  Apricot Kernel Shells, finely grounded from the seeds of Apricot fruits are a gentle yet effective tool for exfoliation. Rose Floral Water balances and hydrates the skin while further removing dirt and oil from clogged pores.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

All Natural Ingredients:

100% Olive Oil Base cream (Olea europaea L.), Tangerine Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata), Rosemary CO2 extract Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis L.), and Apricot kernel shells.

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Ramos
Gentle Tangerine Scrub

Pure, gentle but yet tough on your pores! This scrub definitely does a wonderful job of getting the icky stuff around your nose, chin and neck! A+ for this product ❣️

Scrub-dub-dub ☺️

Love this scrub! All natural and know that I have nothing to worry about in regard to any chemicals using this product on my skin. Smells great, leaves my skin looking and feeling so so good!

Puppett G.

My all time favourite face scrub💛
I am leery of face scrubs because my face can be sensitive but this is my go-to.
Soft fresh glowy skin every time.  Handmade at @thehealingmuse

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