Golden Dragon - Organic Wulong Tea

Golden Dragon - Organic Wulong Tea

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Golden Dragon ORGANIC WULONG TEA - Loose Tea
Taiwanese Dong Ding Mountain Wulong Tea Leaves

Taiwanese tea culture rests on hundred-year-old trails.
Dong Ding is a mountain in Nantou county of central Taiwan. This is the original wulong tea growing area and produces the most famous wulong tea in Taiwan. Conditions proved ideal for wulong tea. The area gets morning sunshine followed by afternoon mist which produces a tender and fragrant wulong tea that is of the highest quality.

Steeping Temperature:  82-90°C Bring water to a boil, let rest for 3-4 minutes to come to temperature and then pour over leaves

Steeping Time:  1 - 3  minutes;  Can be resteeped multiple times

Ingredients:  Traditional process, small batch crafted and formed wulong tea

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