Lakyrsiew Organic Black Tea

Lakyrsiew Organic Black Tea

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Lakyrsiew ORGANIC BLACK TEA - Loose Tea
Rare Cloud Tea
2nd Flush

LaKyrsiew Cloud Tea is the delicate, rare tea of exceptional quality from a tiny corner of North East India in the breathtakingly beautiful Khasi Hills that is being eagerly sought out by tea lovers

Careful contour planting on Lakyrsiew’s steep slopes and a belief in organic methods of cultivation enrich the soil and create a delicate tea of magnificent quality.

The province of Meghalaya is called "the Abode of Clouds" in the local dialect, which is why tea from this area is known as Cloud Tea.

Tea this fresh is extremely hard to come by in Canada.   This exceptional quality 2nd flush LaKyrsview Cloud Tea can be re-steeped at least twice.   

Sommelier Steeping Tip:  Use approx. 2.5g per cup and re-steep leaves at least twice

Steeping Temperature:  100°C Bring water to a boil and then pour over leaves

Steeping Time:  3 - 5 minutes

Ingredients:  Organic Single Estate 2nd flush black tea.  Plucked Spring 2017.

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