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Peppy Peppermint Foot Cream puts a pep in your step!

Best for active, outdoors types and tired feet.

Long hours on your feet? No problem, put some Peppy Peppermint on your feet, spend 3-5 minutes massaging in and your circulation will improve, your fatigue is reduced and your feet will generally feel better.

Recommended to use at least 2-3x week.

Massage it in and put warm socks on to let the skin warm up and absorb the oils.

Can also be used for dried elbows, knuckles, cuticles.

Once a month you can use a tiny bit to condition your hair ends & wash as usual.

~ take your walking mediation to the next level zen ~

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Ramos
Peppy Peppermint Foot Cream

Luv this product. It has a soft, subtle scent and it spreads easily so you don't need to use alot. With 2 little ones, I often forget about my dry feet and have honestly neglected them for way too long. Now I look forward to covering my feet in this peppermint goodness before I go to bed. It feels sooo good! ❤️❤️❤️
Tired and dry feet be gone!!!

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