Xocolatl - 70% Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Xocolatl - 70% Cacao Drinking Chocolate

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135g (24 Square) Bar
70% cacao content.

Xocolatl literally means “bitter water” and was integral to ancient Mesoamerica. This drink is sweeter than the classic hot chocolate and made with raw cane sugar. Simple and delicious.

Ingredients: roasted cacao, raw cane sugar, sea salt.

How to make our drinking chocolate:

Add 6 squares of chocolate to 8oz of hot water, blend for one minute.

Bring 8oz of water to a boil, add 6 squares of chocolate and stir continuously until chocolate is melted and blended into the water.

Tips: try making with coffee for an energizing mocha, or your choice of milk for a dependently rich chocolate con leche!

From ChocoSol Traders.

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